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FUN IN THE SUN with Robin Michaux & Tim Campbell
Johnny & TOM had fun with Jerome
BELAMI NIGHT SCENE Zac DeHaan & Tony Conrad
Alfresco Loving with… Kevin, Rocco and Gino
ALL YOU CAN EAT with Rhys Jagger & Marc Ruffalo
It has been about 6 months since we had Robin in action here on BelAmiOnline, but I promise that you won`t have to wait that long to see him again next time.  Today`s scene comes to us from the sunny shores of South Africa where the boys are fooling around by the pool.  Tim, of course, is being his usual self larking around and playing pranks.
At least after his prank on Robin, he has the good nature to make up for it afterwards with a good fuck.
 Condom Free: Robin Michaux, Tim Campbell
Jerome is very much the proverbial `Good time had by all` in this weeks feature update. If the other boys had not wanted to go to the beach quite so much I am sure we would have ended up with a gang bang here instead of a 3way
At the time of filming, both Tom and Johnny were working together in our Prague office, and I am sure they spent quite a bit of work time planning on how they could get into young Jerome`s pants.  In reality they could have saved a lot of effort, as he clearly is onto their little plan right from the beginning and if they hadn`t made the move on him, he probably would have been hitting on them very soon anyhow.
Last week Marcel got to play `Lucky Pierre` today the role goes to our KinkyAngel Jerome.
 Condom Free: Johnny Bloom, Tom Pollock, Jerome Exupery
When Andy first graced our screens in October last year many of your were quite taken with his resemblance to his cousin, Kris Evans.
If anything the resemblance is even stronger here, and there was such a hard choice with the photos here, we decided to give you an extra large selection and allow you to admire Andy for a bit longer than usual.
 Photosession Videos: Andy Smith
For the increasing number of fans of Marty’s “Evening Rituals” series,  here is a special update featuring Tony Conrad and Zac DeHaan.  Despite Tony’s various appearances at other studios, we still feel he is a perfect fit at BelAmi.  Zac, as usual, is a stunning and magnificent lover for his very experienced partner.
 Condom Free: Zac DeHaan, Tony Conrad
For me it is quite easy to date this clip, as I know exactly when George made them throw it away, but I doubt many of us will be looking at the couch when it is occupied by Kevin, Gino and Rocco.
Normally Kevin is the little matchmaker of the team, but today he seems quite content to hand the role over to Gino, who knows how to set up a date with young Rocco Alfieri.  While the boys are waiting for Rocco to arrive with lunch, they decide to start on desert without him.  Never to worry, as there is still plenty left of both the boys to satisfy Rocco when he turns up.
 Condom Free: Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Rocco Alfieri
You can definitely tell summer is on the way when beach, sand and barely clad sex gods start becoming the regular fare on BelAmi.
Today we have an outstanding scene with 2 of our quintessential jocks, Marc Ruffalo and Rhys Jagger enjoying the sunset on the beach, a quick, light meal and then some wild lovemaking to round out their day in Cape Town.
Energetic and passionate, these boys really know how to fuck.
 Condom Free: Marc Ruffalo, Rhys Jagger
Angel & Demon
XL Photosession RAF KOONS
Perfect Playmates
Unforgettable... Jean-Luc Bisset
Today`s scene was a test scene that we gave to local director Vlado Iresch to see what he could film when given our boys and locations to work with.
George selected for him Dylan and Jim, which turns out to be quite a good combination, and they are filming together in our Budapest studio.
We thought the results were well worth showing to you all, so now you can tell us what you think.
 Condom Free: Jim Kerouac, Dylan Maguire
We`re in the bedroom for this 2 part scenes, but when questioned by Marty we find out that Phillipe likes sex in public and Jack would prefer to do it in his car.
The familiarity and affection these guys shares is evident from the moment the camera joins them.
Phillipe gently explains to Jack that if he gets bored during sex with him, that he will be making a bracelet out of his foreskin, although knowing Jack, there is little chance of that happening.
 Condom Free: Phillipe Gaudin, Jack Harrer
It`s the final update of the Anniversary orgy today with a special edit of all the cumshots from the fucking update.  A lot of our boys are renowned for shooting huge loads and it is no exception here.
 Condom Free: Sascha Chaykin, Florian Nemec, Dario Dolc
The day of the big scene arrives, and I think that everyone was a little nervous, especially cameraman and director Luke Hamill.3 of BelAmi`s biggest stars altogether in one scene, and with only one chance to get it right.Thankfully after his unplanned encounter with Jack, Lukas is full of re-found confidence and takes the lead in this 3way scene.  Jack, as always, is more than happy to bottom for both of the bigger guys and brings out the best in both Lukas and Kris.
 Forever Lukas: Lukas Ridgeston, Kris Evans, Jack Harrer
OFFENSIVELY LARGE: Jon Kael bottoms for Raf Koons & Joel Birkin
OFFENSIVELY LARGE: Gino Mosca bottoms for Jack Harrer & Joel Birkin
OFFENSIVELY LARGE: Claude Sorel bottoms for Jack Harrer & Joel Birkin
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