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While we all may have thought it brave of Andre to take of Joel`s massive dick in Tuesday`s update, we all know better than that when it comes to Marcel, who has one main motto in life (of at least in bed) and that is `The bigger the better`.  Peter thinks his dick is thick enough to provide a challenge here to Marcel and is very happy to find that when he sinks the entire length of his fat dick into Marcel the only reaction he can see is extreme pleasure.  One thing for sure is that there is no holding back in this episode!
Condom Free
Marcel Gassion, Peter Annaud
All in all we are very lucky that most of our boys have a lot of things in common.  They all seem to enjoy sport.  They all love animals.  Most of them are fascinated by all types of gadgets and last but certainly not least, they all love sex.
There is no sport and no animals here today, but Andre and Joel discover exactly what they do have in common.  After showing off his flying skills, Andre sets about demonstrating his other skills to Joel in the only way he knows how.
Condom Free Archive
Andre Boleyn, Joel Birkin
BelAmi`s `Greek Holiday` was one of the most lavish and awarded films that we had ever undertaken up until then.  Spectacular locations, stunningly handsome boys and the deft direction of George Duroy resulted in a classic film that will always be remembered as a fine example of porn as an art form.
With evolving technologies, we are now able to present to you the original material, recaptured and remastered and in all its full glory.  Suntanned boys, azure seas, all crisp and alive with the sexual anticipation and energy of youth.
Many of you will remember the story from the original release in 2004 and today we have the opening scene between Alan Connery and Tim Hamilton.  Truly, summer has begun.
Greek Holiday
Tim Hamilton, Alan Connery
`Last Summer in Greece` is our latest feature by Marty Stevens.  The tale of our 3 Musketeers and their adventures on the sun drenched island of Mykonos.
We start today upon the arrival of adventurers to the island and what they see will set the tone for their entire stay.
Helmut, Hoyt and Jerome are wondering along the beach and stumble upon a bevy of Greek gods playing around on the beach.  Intrigued and amazed by what they see, they decide to stick around and see how the game will end.....
Last Summer In Greece
Robin Michaux, Adam Archuleta, Marc Ruffalo,
In case any of you are counting, this is our 9th instalment of `Greek Salad`, and it also happens to be the week that we officially start our `Greek Summer` programming season.
To mark the occasion we have scheduled a special update here and instead of the normal documentary feature you actually get one of the full home videos that the boys made during the trip, and Bastian learns what it means when Kevin and Adam tell him `We have a little job for you`!
Greek Salad
Adam Archuleta, Jerome Exupery, Peter Annaud,
When it comes to cars, I doubt that any of us will ever be going to Tony to get advise, but then again he did employ a very crafty tale to get Ariel out to the barn and away from everyone else and reveal his true motives.
Both Tony and Ariel are very experienced lovers and can take full advantage of any time, place or situation to grab a few moments of intimacy.
Even if Tony`s haircut here is a little extreme, both boys are in fine shape and demonstrate some very fine oral and fucking skills with each other.  Ariel was a popular model before his time away, but he has obviously used the time well in perfecting his lovemaking and we`re sure that he is going to have an even bigger fan base than before.
Condom Free
Ariel Vanean, Tony Conrad
Kevin may be one of our most popular models, but that certainly does not stop Dario from playing the `seniority` card on him when he finds out that Kevin got to fuck Billy before he himself had the chance to try him out.
After Kevin makes the introduction, Dario unceremoniously boots him out of the room and takes things into his own hands.  Here we have Dario exercising all skills his has learnt over his time at BelAmi and proving to Billy that an experienced lover has many things to offer that the younger guys do not!
Condom Free
Dario Dolce, Billy Montague
It may seem unusual that we are starting a 2 part scene on a Saturday, but as usual, there is a reason for this.  Our adventure of the body beautiful here with Kris and Andrei was initially planned as a flip-flop scene.  We filmed the flip, but when it came to the flop, well it just didn`t quite get there and we were left with a mutual JO scene rather that a full one, so we thought it would be a suitable replacement for a casting.
Condom Free
Kris Evans, Andrei Karenin
It is almost impossible to run out of superlatives when describing Joel`s dick, but we`ll leave it up to you all to suggest your own this time around.
Our Offensively Large scene this month reunites Joel and Jack and brings in a new boy to the mix.  Our lucky guest for this scene is Arne Coen, and if there is one boy who knows how to appreciate a big dick (other than Marcel that is) it has to be Arne, and his cumshot here is ample enough evidence of that.
Luckily the combination of 2 Hungarians and 1 Czech has eliminated the need for most subtitles.  This scene is so explosive, even the RSA Airforce decided to honour us with a flypast introduction!
Offensively Large
Jack Harrer, Joel Birkin, Arne Coen
It might seem that Marty has gone all arty on us for the beginning of this clip, but as it is a night scene and we normally don`t have any introductions for them, it makes for a nice change.
During next month you will see both of these buys in our Greek Summer programming (probably more of Helmut than Adam) so this is like a little warm up scene.  Both guys are excellent versatile performers, but for this outing it is Adam who is the top and Helmut on the bottom.
Condom Free
Adam Archuleta, Helmut Huxley
You probably all know by now that Rhys works in our Bratislava office, or at least we all thought he did until catching him out in this video!  Can`t say that anyone would blame him though for leaving his post when tempted by someone as sexy and cute as Harris.
As this is a 2 part scene you can get to compare who fucked who better.  In part 1, Rhys is the top and he does an excellent job of pleasuring Harris.  Can his buddy do better in part 2?
Condom Free
Harris Hilton, Rhys Jagger
Can it get any cuter than Bobby and Michel?  We don’t think so.  It’s not just their looks, but their total ease with each other.  They have been friends for a while and enjoy spending time together outside the studio, often at the sauna or training at badminton.
This ease translates into a beautiful intimacy.  One can easily imagine these two doing this off camera as well.
Flirting With Porn
Bobby Noiret, Michel Armand
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