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Marcel has the reputation as one of our most talented and voracious bottoms at BelAmi so we sometimes forget that he is also a very capable top as well. We get reminded of that fact in today`s scene with Jon Kael.  Although we had this planned as a scene where Marcel would be topping Jon, it turned out that Marcel`s need to bottom was just too great and he madly desired to have Jon fuck him as well. Even though Marcel is not in his best physical condition here, the sex is so great that we thought you would all love the scene regardless.
Condom Free
Marcel Gassion, Jon Kael
Although Roald and Jonas had never met until the evening before this scene, they seem to have developed quite an attraction for each other, and in fact were keen to fuck the night before we were scheduled to film with them.  Luckily for us they both managed to hold off until we had a chance to film it, but they did insist on a change in plans that we make this a flip flop instead of just having Roald fuck Jonas. Both boys have a similar physique, are blond and blue-eyed, so we hope you enjoy this pairing. This year marks Roald`s 5th anniversary with us (his debut scene was with Gino back on boxing day 2014) and it is the 2nd time we have featured Jonas here.
Condom Free
Roald Ekberg, Jonas Miller
This week we have a little bit of an unusual pairing for a flip flop scene. Relying on first impressions we all thought that this would be a scene where Brian is fucking Yannick, but it turns out that we start off with Yannick fucking Brian, with the boys reversing roles in Pt 2. Our opening here is also a bit of a surprise. Gentle and tender,  erotic and loving as the 2 guys wake up together to gentle caresses and intimate close-ups of this most sensual morning ritual.  The scene continues with the same feeling throughout with Brian being a slightly more dominant bottom, guiding  Yannick to satisfy all of his morning needs and helping him to 2 great orgasms.
Condom Free
Brian Jovovich, Yannick Modine
<p>We are back again with part 2 of our DP special here on BelAmiOnline. Our talented bottom today is newcomer Rick Palmer. Unlike most guys, Rick came to us supremely confident in his ability to handle any size of dick, so we hooked him up here with a very dynamic duo of Dylan Maguire and Jim Durden. Neither of them may be hugely hung, but together they are quite a handful (or in this case, butt-full).</p>
Double Dipping
Dylan Maguire, Jim Durden, Rick Palmer
It`s been a good few weeks since we had a scene for the twink lovers amongst us, so today we have brought back Shane Sanders in this scene with Jason Bacall.
It seems that Jason is a bit of a mother when it comes to keeping house, and appears quite upset to come home to a very messy kitchen, and a lazy lover sitting at the computer watching hockey.  Young Shane seems to have it all worked out though: Calm him down with some great sex, and then he`ll forget all about the cleaning.
Freshmen Tuesday
Shane Sanders, Jason Bacall
This scene proves that some of the new guys are capable of surprising even our most experienced models with their special talents. Jens` feat in deep throating Joel would be worth noting under any circumstances, but the ease with which he does it must indicate a god given talent in Jens for handling XL dicks. 
It is not just orally that Jens excels. He shows us he is another of our new boys that can truly appreciate a really big dick.
Condom Free
Joel Birkin, Jens Christensen
In January we celebrated the New Year, In February it was Valentine`s, but poor March was left with nothing, so we decided to invent our own celebration here with a duo of double penetration scenes. 
First of our talented and eager bottoms is Henrik Bjorn taking on the daring duo of Hoyt and Jerome. It is not so often that we get boys who are eager to take 2 dicks at once, so we hope that you will enjoy this little treat. The 2nd part of the special will be coming your way next Saturday, and we hope to turn this duology into a trilogy later in March with Sven eager to try and join this exclusive club as well.
Double Dipping
Hoyt Kogan, Jerome Exupery, Henrik Bjorn
It seems that Jeroen is a bit in awe of Adam`s ability to pick up guys, so decides to ask him how he achieves his phenomenal success rate. To test out Adam`s theory they recruit Matthieu Pique as a guinea pig, and within seconds, Jeroen has a sex date! 
Both guys here are in great shape, and the scene was filmed before Matthieu became serious about his gym work, so he is still a bit slimmer than he is in later videos.  The sex is intense and we found it very enjoyable to watch, so we hope you do as well.
Freshmen Tuesday
Jeroen Mondrian, Matthieu Pique
If you are thinking the Nils does not look like his normal relaxed and sexy self, it is because this was his very first scene for us and he is a little bit nervous about fucking on camera for the very first time. His scene partner here is Rhys, who is always very good at making the new guys feel welcome and at ease. 
Rhys and Nils start off here with a nice little chat about how we came to find Nils, before director Marty lets the eager couple get onto something more than just chatting. For the first time on camera, the sex here is very good and Nils shows us glimpses of the true porn star that he has become.
Condom Free
Rhys Jagger, Nils Tatum
If this wasn`t all about lovin`, we`d have to refer to this scene as the battle of the bodies.  Andrei and Nico have to be the 2 guys with the most stunning bodies that we have at the moment at BelAmi so it is great to see them paired up in this scene together today. This is actually one of Nico`s training scenes (his first to be precise, so go easy on him), and it isn`t hard to see why we chose to put him with Andrei, although I am almost sure that they must have paired up for some off camera training of their own beforehand. Niko is bottoming in today`s scene, and we will see him back again in a 3way at the end of March.
Condom Free
Andrei Karenin, Niko Vangelis
We all enjoyed Enrique in his photosession with Jon a few weeks back (Their scene will be coming in June) so we are happy today to have him back again here  with Jordan Faris. We join the boys today as they are wandering around the gardens of our Bratislava studio, Enrique is so horny that he wants to fuck even before they get inside, but Jordan seems a little too shy for that  today. It seems though that is was well worth the wait for Enrique, as he fucks an ecstatic Jordan in every position he can think of until he shoots a volcanic load all over his chest.
Freshmen Tuesday
Jordan Faris, Enrique Vera
For most of our guys, it seems easier for them to start out filming sex by being bottom, and then gradually deciding if they would like to try topping. Jason Bacall is one of those guys who eventually decided that he preferred topping, so that is how we see him most of the time now.  This scene, filmed for us by Vlado Iresch is only Jason`s 3rd time topping, but he is already showing great promise.
While there are still a few signs of both Jason and Benoit`s inexperience, there performances are fresh and full of youthful hornyness, and Benoit`s face full of cum is a very special sight.
Condom Free
Jason Bacall, Benoit Ulliel
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