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July is a month where we have saved the best for last!  Adam Archuleta has been called in to teach newbie Rhys Jagger everything he knows and to share it all with us.With Rhys` fantastic body, you would expect that he spends quite a bit of time in the gym, but it turns out that he attributes his physique to going to the gym once a year and not including any salt in his diet.For those of you who are attentive you`ll notice Adam is bearing a few war wounds around his face which he attributes to a particularly wide and skillful lovemaking session.  Giving his performance here with Rhys, I am sure we have non reason to doubt him.
You will see more of Rhys in 3 weeks in a double photo shoot with Hoyt Kogan
Condom Free
Adam Archuleta, Rhys Jagger
Amazing bodies don`t just happen by themselves as we see in this condom archive clip with Dario and Julien.  Even during sex the guys take the opportunity to combine exercise with pleasure... and in some of the most surprising locations.We has a little problem with the sound on this clip as the location had a very strong echo.  Our post-production guys have worked hard to cut it out but you may still find hints of it especially in the conversation at the beginning.
Regardless of the little technical issue, Dario and Julien turn in sterling performances here in this scorching hot scene (as the sweat dripping from Dario testifies to)
Condom Archive
Dario Dolce, Julien Hussey
Marty Stevens decided today to find out what is really important for Billy and Marc when it comes to sex.  Good looks or good heart.  Turns out that our 2 boys are feeling a little bit shallow today and they both vote that looks are more important for them when it comes to jumping into bed with someone.  We know that it is not exactly true for either of them, but when you work for BelAmi you are always a little spoiled when it comes to good looking partners.
Billy tries (a little feebly) to assert his authority for the 1st part of this scene, telling Marc that he wants to decide what they will do, but quickly backs down when Marc asserts that it is really him who will do the deciding.  Either way I have the feeling that it is really Marty who is pulling the strings here, and in part 1 that means Billy is the top and the roles reversed for part 2.
Condom Free
Marc Ruffalo, Billy Montague
When we were in Capetown, Colin scored the job of organizing the models.  As you can imagine, it`s no easy task; tracking receipts and payments but he takes it in his stride and without many complaints. 
As a reward for all his hard work, Colin gets to choose his own scene partner and Jim Kerouac is the lucky guy who Colin chose to `get him back into shape` for bottoming!
Condom Archive
Colin Hewitt, Jim Kerouac
Rick and Andrei appear to be 2 shy guys whilst Marty is conducting his customary `interview` at the beginning of this scene, but it turns out that that they are much more loving than shy when the action begins.  Whatever Andrei is doing while fucking Rick must be pretty good, as Rick shoots his load when we are only half way through the clip.  Luckily for us all he has the stamina to carry on while Andrei continues to fuck him.
As Rick works in our office we know he has a wicked sense of humor as well as fantastic English skills, so we will work harder next time to highlight them in future clips.Part 2 comes tomorrow....
Condom Free
Andrei Karenin, Rick Lautner
Being good looking maybe a gift from above, but having a great body is mostly about hard work.  Marcel and Brian give us a little hint as to the amount of effort it takes our boys to maintain their perfect bodies.
Of course hard work should always be rewarded, and after a refreshing shower the boys decide that they should reward each other with some post workout fucking. As we all know that Marcel is a natural born bottom it is no surprise to see Brian on top here.  WE can tell Marcel is happy as he shoots a huge load all over his belly while getting fucked before swallowing Brian`s jizz.
Condom Free
Marcel Gassion, Brian Jovovich
Claude Sorel is here today to introduce you to a new guy Adrian Becker.
Although Adrian tells us he is not shy, he certainly seems a little bit afraid of either the camera or Marty during the little interview..  the shyness soon fades though once he starts to kiss Claude.
He turns out to even be such a sport as to bottom for Claude as his first appearance on camera.
In August we`ll show you his casting video.
Condom Free
Claude Sorel, Adrian Becker
Ever since GD let forum follower know this  scene exists, fans have been on tenterhooks in anticipation of seeing Kris, Vadim and Kevin together.
In part 1 we see the guys get to know each other a little better and Vadim gets his turn to fuck Kevin. Although it is Vadim that is the top, watch out for Kris’ massive cum shot in this part.  In part two Kevin gets to enjoy Kris as the top.
The scene is with condoms as it was filmed during the time that Kris still requested their use.
Condom Archive
Kris Evans, Vadim Farrell, Kevin Warhol
This condom archive scene features two regular favorites, Phillipe and Alex,  and one infrequent model, Peter Fleming, whom I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing again.
The adventure begins when Peter turns up at the office to visit George. However, GD had just left for home a few minutes earlier. So Phillipe takes it upon himself to provide Peter with all the `experience` he needs.
Condom Archive
Alex Orioli, Phillipe Gaudin, Peter Fleming
We hope that not too many of you have forgotten about Paul Valery since he finished shooting for us a couple years ago.  Fairly recently, Paul dropped in to our Bratislava studio to pay a visit to GD and ask if he could maybe film a little bit more with him.
Johan gives us a bit of an interview with Paul (in English) before introducing him to Jason Clark, who is going to put Paul through his paces to see if he still has what it takes.
Condom Free
Paul Valery, Jason Clark
It seems that Boris Beckham has a thing for the name Billy as in June he has a scene with Billy Montague on and now he is here with Billy Cotton in this month`s Night Scene update.
Even though filmed in the cool evening hours, both guys manage to work up quite a sweat here with their enthusiastic love-making.  This tryst was filmed for us by Marty Stevens in our Bratislava studio
Condom Free
Billy Cotton, Boris Beckham
Harris has arrived a little later than the other guys on one of our trips to South Africa and the team has left Gaelan in the house to welcome him and show him around.
After a long flight from Hungary, Harris turned up more than just a little horny and takes advantage of the fact that they have the house to themselves to get to know Gaelan a little more intimately.
Condom Archive
Gaelan Binoche, Harris Hilton
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