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While he is not a total top, it is not so often that we get to see Gaelan bottom for anyone, so taking the monster cock of Manuel Rios in part 2 of this flip-flop scene is quite and achievement for him.
In part 1 we see Manuel in his more customary role of bottoming, and also in his peak physical condition.  A lot of our boys spend most of their free time working on their bodies, but for Manuel I think things come a little bit easier, having a naturally muscly frame.  The scene was filmed by Lukas Ridgeston in our Budapest office
Condom Free
Manuel Rios, Gaelan Binoche
As a little relief from the scorching heat of our Summer of Love daytime scenes, we have brought in Jaime and Andre during the evening to film this encounter.
It must have been one hot session as both boys cum twice during the scene.  The boys were filmed here by Marty in our Prague studio and will be featured in the movie Evening Rituals 3 coming out later this year.
Condom Free
Andre Boleyn, Jamie Durrell
We know a lot of you have been looking forward to this pairing of boys for a while, to make it even more special the scene was filmed as a flip-flop and is one of very few chances you will get to see Julien Hussey as a top.
Part of our `Summer of Love` programming, Julien and Kevin`s scene here was filmed during one hot summer in Budapest.  Often the only chance we get to hear the boys speaking English is in cases like this where it is the only language that they have in common.  Kevin`s English is now much improved over what you will see here, but what the boys lack in understanding one another`s language they make up for in understanding each others desires.
Condom Free
Julien Hussey, Kevin Warhol
I suppose we could call this scene an unreleased archive clip as neither of the 2 boys are actively filming any more and it was filmed a couple of years ago (although you can still catch Sascha on BelAmiChat).
Sascha here in unrepentant in his desire to get fucked, and that his partner has a very big dick makes him even happier.  Paul has never been too enthusiastic for being on the receiving side of things may start out a little reserved in this clip, but he really hits his stride when it comes time to take control of Sascha`s ass.
Condom Free Archive
Sascha Chaykin, Paul Mekas
Whilst not exactly a summer scene we thought we would kick off (and also
end) our `Summer of Love` programming with scenes featuring Mick Lovell. Each Thursday and Saturday for the next 3 months we are featuring some special 2 day scenes with most of your favorite models getting their chance to be featured. This week Mick`s partners are Colin Hewitt and Ariel Vanean, which is extra fitting considering that Ariel has just made his return to BelAmi after a couple years absence.
Condom Free
Ariel Vanean, Colin Hewitt, Mick Lovell
I can`t think of any nicer way of waking up then to be woken up by Marc Ruffalo.  Steve should count himself a very lucky guy!Today`s scene was filmed for us by Luke Hamill and Johan Paulik  in our Budapest studio.
Steve can be forgiven here for thinking that he is still asleep and Marc is just an angel appearing in his dreams.
Normally this would be a Thursday or Saturday main update, but as the edit came in a little short, we decided to put it here on Tuesday instead.
Condom Free
Marc Ruffalo, Steve Russell
Just showing a few seconds of this scene in our June preview clip sparked a whole thread of discussion in the forum, so we`re counting on you enjoying the full length version as well.   Versatile Rhys Jagger is paired up with bottom  Marcel Gassion.Demonstrating the similarities in language we have Rhys here speaking in Slovak (and also cameraman Johan) and Marcel in Czech.
This is one of Marcel`s earlier scenes, but as you will here, he has already been told that Rhys is a great fucker and so he is really looking forward to the encounter.
Condom Free
Marcel Gassion, Rhys Jagger
It’s been a while since we had either of these fan favorites in a scene here on BelAmiOnline.   So it is a pleasure to have them both back together again (you may remember their 3-way with Colin Hewitt).
This scene is from a little ways back in the archive and was filmed during the boys’ most enthusiastic moaning period (though in this case the culprit is mostly Phillipe).  Both guys have great bodies, fantastic dicks and love to have sex.  As you may expect, Phillipe is bottoming for Jim.
Condom Free
Phillipe Gaudin, Jim Kerouac
There`s nothing like a slow and sensual massage to ignite the desire for sex and Gino knows this only too well.
Employing this tactic on young Jesse Tobey certainly yields the results that Gino wanted and ends with Gino shooting his creamy load all over Jesse`s hole.
Condom Free
Gino Mosca, Jesse Tobey
One great thing about combining our Czech and Hungarian models is that it forces them to use whatever common language they have, most often it is English and then we all get to hear what they are talking about without having to rely on subtitles.Our fair haired pair today are Zac Dehaan and Roald Ekberg.  Those of you looking forward to seeing Zac bottom will have to wait a little longer as today he gets his pleasure fucking Roald until he explodes with cum.
Condom Free
Zac DeHaan, Roald Ekberg
You may be led to believe that Gino was playing matchmaker in hooking up Adam Archuleta with Gregg Meyjes. The truth is that Adam doubles sometimes as a trainer, making sure that new boys (and ones that come from other studios) are prepared for the BelAmi style of shooting. This Training includes what positions allow the best camera angels, making the boys comfortable at our studio etc. Some of these training sessions are done without a camera but sometimes- especially in instances where we know the boy has experience- they are filmed.  It is a hard job, but someone has to do it.  Adam doesn`t complain too much, especially when he gets to fuck a guy like Gregg.

Just as a little trivia: the picture of Venice in the living room is a print taken from one of Luke`s photos. This photo was taken during a location scouting trip last year.
Condom Free
Adam Archuleta, Gregg Meyjes
Perhaps this can be considered a revenge pairing between Tim and Scott.   Last time they filmed together Scott blew his load into poor Tim’s eye.  So now he is demanding that Scott shoot his load on his ass.  Just to be on the safe side.

While they are physically different, their personalities are similar.  Both boys possessing a wild side that guarantees an energetic performance.  Scott behaved this time and did not come close to coming in Tim’s eye.  However, Tim came pretty close to doing it to himself.
Condom Free
Scott Bennet, Tim Campbell
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