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We originally filmed this as a 2 part special, but in edit we decided that it would be a lot stronger as a 1 day scene, so here is the explanation for the multiple cum shots that you will find in today`s feature.
We have been looking forward to this pairing for quite a while, both boys are tall and lithe and incredibly sexy and best of all, both versatile.  Have a look and see for yourselves.
Condom Free
Helmut Huxley, Torsten Ullman
Sometimes when we introduce you to a new guy we don`t actually start right at the beginning, but instead premiere with a scene filmed when the boys have a little more experience.  That was the case with Scott Bennet when we first showed himin action with Adam Archuleta last year on KinkyAngels (The scene is also in the DVD `Virgin No More 4`).  The scene today with Kevin and Todd is actually Scott`s first on camera sex experience, and a very lucky one for him, getting to fuck both Todd and Kevin.
Condom Archive
Todd Rosset, Kevin Warhol, Scott Bennet
If only Jim was as good at keeping his promises as he is at fucking we would be in for a first today, as he loses his arm wrestle with Dario to see who will top and who will bottom.  In the end it does not worry Dario too much as they both have Billy there to take turns fucking.
Stay tuned to find out what happens in part 2 tomorrow.... If cum soaked Billy can recover in time!
Condom Free
Dario Dolce, Billy Cotton, Jim Kerouac
It is left to Hoyt today to answer all of Marty`s questions as his partner, newbie Rafael Moretti speaks neither Czech nor English.  At least we can rest assured that spoken words are not required in ensuring that this scene is going to be great.
You all know a lot already about Hoyt, but Rafael is still a bit of a blank slate for us, so it will be interesting to hear what you think of him.  With his sultry and sexy good looks, full lips and engaging green eyes, we hope that there is plenty for everyone there to like.
Condom Free
Hoyt Kogan, Rafael Moretti
Bjorn Nykvist and Jonas Miller are 2 fairly new boys that are here together for you today.
We have seen both boys only once or twice before, Bjorn together with Shane Sanders earlier this year and Jonas is completely new to you.
Today Luke has them trying out their acting skills in our Prague studio.
Condom Free
Bjorn Nykvist, Jonas Miller
For our last Saturday in November we have a night scene with 2 of our favorite guys for you, starring Julien Hussey and Zac DeHaan.  Both guys have been fan favorites for many years and this scene filmed by Marty Stevens is both romantic and passionate and will be a worthy addition to both their resumes.
Condom Free
Julien Hussey, Zac DeHaan
Muscle and Jock Lovers living in the United States will have extra reasons to be thankful after feasting on this steamy three way featuring Antony Lorca, Rhys Jagger and Andrei Karenin.  

This scene will be making its way onto the “Greek Salad” DVD series next year.  There we will combine excerpts from the documentary series and some of the scenes that were filmed during this production.  

Happy Thanksgiving all
Condom Free
Antony Lorca, Andrei Karenin, Rhys Jagger
One good thing about sharing a house is that you also get to share a bathroom, and with our boys, being naked around each other is always an excuse to be able to get it on.  Today it is Charlie Bogard having a bath when newbie, Shane Sanders comes in to undertake his morning rituals.  It does not take long though for those rituals to evolve to include jumping in the bath with Charlie and then letting him fuck you with his lovely thick cock.
Condom Free
Charlie Bogard, Shane Sanders
Jack has a dilemma.  He is busy doing the model selection for his new movie, but can`t decide on who should (other than himself) star in it.  Luckily Joel is never afraid of a little hard work and offers to help with the onerous task.  In the end though the boys end up arguing who is the bigger and better star.  To settle the matter they call in 2 of our most talented bottoms who they can take turns fucking, and then who will judge who is right.  Is it Jack, or is it Joel?
You`ll have to wait until after part 2 to decide yourselves!
Offensively Large
Jack Harrer, Joel Birkin, Marcel Gassion, Roa
Peter has a problem.  With that thick dick of his, he is having trouble finding someone to give him a decent blow job.  So George gave him a few recommendations and he ends of picking Marc.  Of course it is not only a good blow job that he gets.
Condom Free
Marc Ruffalo, Peter Annaud
Two of our Freshmen stars are over here today to show us all what they`ve got.  Torsten is the more experienced of the pair and he is determined to use all of that experience to show Raphael the best time possible.
Raphael has one of the lean and fit bodies around and it is a joy to watch these 2 together.  It is the exotically beautiful Torsten who is the top in today`s update.
Condom Free
Torsten Ullman, Raphael Nyon
We are back today with our latest edition of BelAmi`s Double Dip series.  The stars of today`s scene are Kevin, Andre and Manuel.
Both of the younger guys take turns on Manuel before decided to really give it to him fuck him both at the same time.  Manuel has been one of most popular and experienced bottoms for a long time, so we are  looking forward to seeing how he performs here.
Double Dipping
Manuel Rios, Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn
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