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Follwing on from Billy and Andre on Tuesday, we have Billy and Scott for you today.  Don`t worry though as it is our dark haired Billy Montague in action today together with Scott Bennet.
You will also gather from this clip that we spoil the boys a little when we travel, providing them with luxury beach front houses from which to enjoy the view, and also within which they can enjoy each others company.
The only thing better than waking up with a hard-on is also having someone like either of these guys to share it with.
Condom Free
Scott Bennet, Billy Montague
If we were doing a Christmas countdown this year, this video would be the perfect start to it.
On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, One Andre fucking`.
Andre Boleyn is back today topping Billy Cotton for all our enjoyment.  The scene was filmed in our Bratislava studio.
Condom Free Archive
Billy Cotton, Andre Boleyn
Our second newcomer for December is Zac DeHaan.  We selected Jack Harrer as his screen partner as at the time Jack was the best at handling thicker dicks, and he always likes breaking in the new boys.We have about 20 scenes with Zac and the next one you will see is on February 14, in the continuation of the Kris Evans and Marcel Gassion night scene, when Zac joins them for some morning fun.
This scene is split into 2 parts as it was filmed with cumshots also after the blowjob part and the material was so strong we decided on a longer 2 part edit.
Jack Harrer, Zac DeHaan
The exercise routines of our guys vary from season to season, and in the warmer months a lot of the boys take to running in the mornings.Today we catch up with Rocco and Marc just as they finish their morning run, and as always they still have excess energy that needs burning off.
Condom Free
Marc Ruffalo, Rocco Alfieri
One thing we need to add to the information you already know about Marcel is that he is always very polite and will do anything to make sure that you are happy.
Condom Free
Marcel Gassion, Dylan Maguire
The first newcomer is not completely new as you have seen him in a couple scenes already.
This is also not his first scene, but we decided to show you a scene with one of the favorites from the past,
as we are sure that Arne will become a favorite of the future.  We have about 20 scenes already with Arne, most for belamionline and a few for kinkyangels
Both are Hungarian boys although we have them trying their best English for you here today.
What may seem to start as a very hot solo soon turns into a very hot fuck when Jim unexpectedly turn up on the scene.
Condom Free
Jim Kerouac, Arne Coen
We will let you in on a real secret here.  Kevin is really a true romantic lover, gentle and caring, tender and erotic.  This night scene offers the perfect chance for him to show off all of this attributes to Alan Kinney.It is filmed in our Bratislava studio by Marty Stevens
Condom Free
Kevin Warhol, Alan Kinney
If you have ever wondered what a typical day in the KinkyAngels office is like you just have to take a look at the beginning of this clip.After failing to impress Kevin, Andre and Adam with his physique, Vadim finds an admirer in new boy Daniel Mathis, and after getting rid of Jack and his camera the 2 get down to some serious fucking.
Condom Free
Vadim Farrell, Daniel Mathis
The last of our BelAmi Legends updates for November sees the return of Claude Sorel together this time with Legend Mick Lovell.
Normally admired for his skills as a bottom, Claude takes on the role of top as our American star Mick enjoys every second with his sexy Czech Partner.
As our month of `Legends` ends, we begin next December with a month of newcomers, so stay tunes for Arne Coen with Jim Kerouac next Saturday.
Condom Free
Mick Lovell, Claude Sorel
Having bodies as great as Jason and Andrei`s isn`t just a matter of having good genes, most of our guys enjoy working out, playing sport and eating healthily to maintain their physiques, so it is appropriate that we start out this weeks primetime update with a bit of a workout.  Today it is running.For a bit of a change we filmed Jason here without his glasses, not that it enhances his appeal but allows us to appreciate his beauty without distraction.....and it is hard to wear glasses in the shower anyhow.
Condom Free
Jason Clark, Andrei Karenin
What happens when our cameramen leave their equipment lying around in the presence of 2 exhibitionists?  The obvious answer is that he will come back and find it full of very unexpected but interesting pictures.
This is exactly what happens here with Robin and Gaelan.... and as also expected, getting naked together will often lead to other things...
Condom Free
Gaelan Binoche, Robin Michaux
Since we are featuring our Fucking Kris series this season GD thought it was the perfect opportunity to release this much anticipated scene.Although a very rare occurrence, Kris did bottom for us 2 times in the past.  The first you have seen earlier this year when he bottomed for fellow Hungarian Kristof Esterhazy and then this time for Brandon Manilow.We have spoken about this scene and shown you pictures in the past, so we are very happy at last to be able to have the opportunity to show you the full scene.
Condom Archive
Brandon Manilow, Kris Evans
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