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This week we have a 2 part scene that starts with our boys discussing one night stands with Marty.  Although the days of one night stands have long gone for Marty, for both Jeff and Marc they are still the flavor of the day.  Marc jokes with Jeff that all his relationships are one night stands but I suspect that this isn`t the first time that the 2 of them have hooked up together.
In part 1 we see Marc topping Jeff, which leaves us with the role reversal for part 2 on Saturday.
Condom Free
Marc Ruffalo, Jeff Mirren
There always seems to be a risk for us when we pair up two of our most experienced models together in a scene. As with last week we know we will face comments from some users that they have seen enough of these boys, but similarly to last weeks scene with Dario and Luke, Manuel and Sascha here really show us what a really good fuck can be like.  Low on romance but high on energy and an almost animal drive for sex  this has to be one of the highlights of both boys time at BelAmi.
Condom Free Archive
Sascha Chaykin, Manuel Rios
This is Hoyt`s hardcore debut here on BelAmiOnline, and for the occasion we paired him up with Marcel Gassion.  Just by the cast list you should be able to guess that Hoyt is topping Marcel in this clip, although from all the scenes we have with him he shows that he is truly a fantastic versatile performer, equally at home taking or giving.
If you would like to see more of Hoyt, he is also featured this month in a flip flop scene with Roald over on
Condom Free
Marcel Gassion, Hoyt Kogan
Being on time is not a thing a lot of our boys but too much emphasis on, but when they are late they know how to excuse themselves. Miguel Estevez is about to get his first blowjob from Julien who is making him really impatient but knowing Julien, it is worth the wait!
Julien Hussey, Miguel Estevez
This scene was a little bit of a surprise for us when we first got to see it.  We had a little reservation about how the two boys would perform together, but were very pleasantly surprised to see that the chemistry between them was electric and they both gave performances to match.While Claude is normally a little quiet and reserved, there is certainly no hint of that here.  Passionate and driven by lust, Claude gives an outstanding show in one of his rare outings as a top.
Condom Free
Claude Sorel, Jamie Durrell
This was Yannick`s first hardcore clip with us.  He had done a casting and photosession about 9 months before he started filming scenes with us, and in that time he had gained a little weight, so we kept the scene aside for a while planning to use it as a condom free archive scene after we had shown you a few of the more recent scenes.  As is quite usual, the first guy we teamed Yannick up with was Gino Mosca... he always has such a nice and easygoing manner with the new guys...
Condom Free Archive
Gino Mosca, Yannick Modine
We decided to title this clip our fantasy 3way, as it is certainly the fantasy of many to be together with the likes of Rhys, Jean-Daniel and Andrei all at the same time.
If there is one other boy who could be taking on Marcel for his crown of `King of the Bottoms` from our current team of boys, it is certainly Rhys Jagger.  No matter how big the dick we ask Rhys to take, he ends up being able to handle it with ease and ecstasy .  Lets see how he gets on with 2 of them!
Condom Free
Jean-Daniel , Andrei Karenin, Rhys Jagger
If it seems to you that it is the season for new guys you are absolutely correct.  This spring and summer we will start introducing you to a lot of boys that you may have seen in castings and photosessions in their first hardcore scenes.
Today the boy in the spotlight is Jesse Tobey.  We paired Jesse in his first scene with Dylan Maguire, who although also a fairly new model has been with us a bit longer and has already a lot of experience.  Jesse bravely opted to be bottom for this encounter and turns in quite a good show for his first try.  We look forward to seeing what he can show us going forward.
Condom Free
Dylan Maguire, Jesse Tobey
It has taken quite some time since we had shown you the hardcore pictures from this scene (back in 2012) but finally we found the perfect timing to bring you the video.
I won`t say `2 of our older models` but rather `2 of our more experienced boys`, Luke and Dario are here for this condom free archive scene.
Condom Free Archive
Luke Hamill, Dario Dolce
We though of titling this clip `From up and down to in and out` for reasons that are immediately evident, but then decided to stick to the convention of just naming the boys.
Continuing on our theme of summertime fun we have Marc and Brian enjoying bouncing each other around a bit as a prelude to the action that we all know is to follow.  The scene, shot by Luke at our of our regular Budapest locations has Marc taking it from Brian in every which way he can.
Condom Free
Marc Ruffalo, Brian Jovovich
Jim and Florian are two civic-minded people concerned about global warming.  Kevin, always a helper, attempts the ideal “solution” as it relates to his costars.   Unfortunately his scheme backfires as it produces action hot enough to heat a hemisphere.
There is little suspense as to who bottoms in this one.  Jim and Florian are part of a small contingent of boys who have never bottomed on camera.  But Kevin is more than happy to get fucked by both studs.
Sex can be intense and passionate as was shown in our previous scene. Or it can be light and fun as that shown here.
Condom Free
Florian Nemec, Kevin Warhol, Jim Kerouac
Time for another evening encounter to add a little variety to all the summer scenes we`ve been having lately. Today it is with two perennial crowd pleasers, Tony Conrad and Tim Campbell. 
Sometimes the way a scene is lit really adds something to the mood and intensity of the performance. Combine that with two guys as passionate as Tim and Tony and the results can be fantastic.
Condom Free
Tim Campbell, Tony Conrad
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