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Being a sound sleeper is normally a good thing, but when Jason Clark is trying to wake you with gentle licking to your nipple it would pay to sleep very lightly.  At least it does not take Rhys long to respond to the attention and give Jason everything that he desires.
Condom Free
Jason Clark, Rhys Jagger
It is a little unusual that we start a 2 part scene on Saturday, but for this weekend we have our special double scene with Hoyt, Vadim and Johnny.  Vadim getting fucked is always going to be a special occasion, and when he is getting fucked by Hoyt, it is extra special.  Part one is just Hoyt and Vadim, and then they are joined by a very happy Johnny in part 2.
You will notice from Hoyt`s haircut that this is a scene from early on in his time with us
Condom Free
Vadim Farrell, Hoyt Kogan
Gino and Billy are out exploring on a wild and windy day in South Africa and stumble across the house of their dreams.  Of course this is in a BelAmi world where they can just walk right in and find the fire blazing and everything welcoming just for them.
Of course the boys could not let this magical setting go to waste and set about some impromptu love-making.  Billy clearly enjoys every moment with Gino and shows it with an explosive cumshot while Gino continues to fuck him.
Condom Free
Gino Mosca, Billy Montague
Our boys today are full of little surprises for us. Jean-Daniel would like to top Scott (although that doesn`t happen here today) and we find out that Scott can be a bit of a trouble maker and can be quite sensitive when he thinks people are trying to make a fool of him.  We`ll just have to take his word on that as in all the years that we worked with him we have never had any issues.
Today`s scene is filmed in our Bratislava studio by Marty Stevens.
Condom Free
Jean-Daniel , Scott Reeves
This is another one of our scenes by filmed by Vlado Iresch, but we have left our bucolic location in favor of the pastel palace.
Vlado actually filmed several different introductions for this scene so we had to make a choice as to which one to use, and Roald in the bath won the day.  When we have some space in our quickie schedule we will show you what was left out.
Steve Peyroux is active in this all blond encounter.
Condom Free
Steve Peyroux, Roald Ekberg
Over this summer we will premiere our new series `Last Summer in Greece`, our sequel to Greek Holiday.
The series will run weekly over the whole of summer and will be preceded by a special day by day production diary and run alongside our remastered version of the original Greek Holiday.
Not that all of that has much to do with today`s scene, other than this scene was filmed during the same trip.  Our 2 want to be Musketeers are together today in a scorching scene set in our breathtaking Mediterranean location on Mykonos.
As with our Last Summer in Greece series, this episode is filmed and directed by Marty Stevens.
Condom Free
Torsten Ullman, Christian Lundgren
Jerome and Jeroen were such a good combination that we decided to leave them together for all of Jeroen`s training scenes.  You have already seen the first 2 parts, and now we are happy to show you Jeroen finally going all the way with Jerome.
Condom Free
Jerome Exupery, Jeroen Mondrian
Today we have paired up BelAmi exclusive, Marc Ruffalo with 2 of our regular guest stars, Tony Conrad and Lino Belucci.  Tony and Lino are friends also off the set so they decided to turn up together for today`s shoot, with Tony offering to bottom for both guys as (in his words) it has been a while since he had 2 guys at once, and it is actually Lino`s first 3some.
Condom Free
Marc Ruffalo, Tony Conrad, Lino Belucci
For Marcel there is only one thing better than a big Hungarian dick, and that is 2 big Hungarian dicks.
We start off this scene with Zac and Jason fighting over who will get to fuck who until Marcel interjects himself into the equation and solved the problem by offering to be fucked by both boys.
All 3 of our guys here are in tip top physical condition and give great performances, but it seems that the more dicks you give Marcel the better he performs and is the stand out boy today.... just don`t touch his hair!
Condom Free
Jason Clark, Zac DeHaan, Marcel Gassion
For today`s `Night Scene` update Marty has included a little bonus for those of you who have a thing for guys in jockstraps, both  Jim and Daniel start our in matching ones from our friends at AussieBum.
As you would expect from the pairing of our quintessential top, Jim Kerouac, with perfect bottom, Daniel Mathis, this scene is a meeting of perfectly compatible partners.
Condom Free
Jim Kerouac, Daniel Mathis
It`s Offensively Large time again here at BelAmiOnline and this month we are teaming up our supersized pairing of Joel and Jack with the ever-ready Gino Mosca.
Gino is always a pleasure to work with with his easy going nature and his willingness to try almost anything at all.  Take a look here to see just how well he does with two of BelAmi`s biggest dicks!
Offensively Large
Gino Mosca, Jack Harrer, Joel Birkin
This is one of Peter Annaud`s very first scenes and as you can imagine he is a little shy to begin with.  Luckily his partner for the day is Adam Archuleta, who is so charming and relaxing that he can draw anyone out of their shell.
Despite his initial blushes, Peter has no trouble getting into the swing of things once Adam pulls off his pants.  
Given that both guys are very well hung, it is a fitting scene to come before our next Offensively Large scene coming up on Saturday.
Condom Free
Adam Archuleta, Peter Annaud
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