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Both of these guys could be counted amongst our select group of Power Bottoms, and in fact, Marcel starts out a little dubious as to how things are going to turn out here when he was scheduled to shoot a scene with Justin Saradon.  He needn`t have worried though (and certainly had no use for the double ended dildo he brought along as insurance) as Justin proves that he is quite the fucker as well as bottom.
Condom Free
Marcel Gassion, Justin Saradon
We learn from today`s scene one of Bastian`s main pick up techniques with foreigners... Whenever you don`t understand, just start making out with them instead to prevent any awkward silences.  With Raphael it seems to work quite well, as withing minutes of arriving, Bastian has him naked on the sofa and his dick in his mouth. Luckily for Raphael, Bastian is one of our most orally gifted models, both when it comes to giving blowjobs and also eating ass, and in less than no time, has him lubed and eager to get fucked. IBastian big dick can be a bit intimidating for some boys, but not Raphael as he bounces up and down on it until  finally shooting huge creamy load all over his chest.
Condom Free
Raphael Nyon, Bastian Dufy
Danny Defoe and Orri Aasen star in the newest of our Evening Rituals scenes.  As is usual with this format, there is very little talking to distract us from the action here, instead we start off with a lovely view of Danny in the shower and follow him through to the bedroom where a very eager Orri is waiting to get some of that big Hungarian cock.
Freshmen Tuesday
Danny Defoe, Orri Aasen
Our final scene for this week`s Jambo Africa brings us our diary cameraman, Adam Archuleta together with Serge Cavalli.  This scene comes from the farm location that you have seen in the documentaries and is one of a trio of scenes that we shot there. While we don`t get beaches, sand and surf, we do get a new look at a different part of South Africa and it`s wide open, and rural interior. Both boys here seem oddly suited to this environment and relish the chance of some outdoor, rural love-making.
Jambo Africa
Adam Archuleta, Serge Cavalli
It`s quite the KinkyAngels week this time round for Jambo Africa, with Jack making and appearance with LIam, now Andre with Enrique, and then Adam coming up on Saturday.
After a quick dip in the chilly pool, Andre suggests to Enrique that they find somewhere warm to continue the seduction started outside. Since Andre is definitely the `veteran` of this scene it is great to see him putting all of his talents as a lover to work here to please Enrique.  Passionate kissing, sensual sucking, gentle teasing of his asshole with fingers and tongue and a superb fucking.  Enrique for his part seems to respond from some primal place deep within that cries out for more of Andre`s dick.
Jambo Africa
Andre Boleyn, Enrique Vera
It is a pretty hard job to change the mood of Jack, so when he tells us that he is feeling a bit miserable, most of the boys know its time to back off and find an easier conquest.  Of course, Liam does not fall into the `most boys` category, as he decides to take the confrontational route with Jack here.  It was a very brave move, but one that certainly paid dividends, and luck Liam is rewarded with Jack`s big, fat dick and load of creamy cum.
Jambo Africa
Jack Harrer, Liam Efron
This is a very early scene for Kirk Gauguin, and Kieran feels that he needs to get to know him a lot better before they embark on their first trip to Africa together. After getting over his disappointment at Kirk`s `very short trim` Kieran soon finds that Kirk`s dick is just perfect for satisfying every need he has. For a scene with 2 relatively inexperienced guys, they both prove to be very expert lovers, especially in the rimming and fucking dep[artments.
Condom Free
Kieran Benning, Kirk Gauguin
Another Freshmen special for you today as we give you Sven Basquiat and newcomer Luca Carrera in this training scene.  This is not Luca`s first fuck on camera, but it is his first time out topping.  Kevin is the cameraman here, but as he turned up quite a bit late, and the boys could not wait, the first few minutes are filmed as a selfie.  To be honest though, I think Luca may have been fibbing when he said this is his first time, especially at the end where he relishes eating his own cum off of Sven very satisfied hole.
Condom Free
Sven Basquiat, Luca Carrera
Sometimes there can be nothing more arousing than a sensual massage from a hot guy.  Today Nils find that out for himself as he gets a rub down from sexy Hungarian Raphael Nyon.  However what starts `innocently` enough does not stay that way for long, and soon enough Nils needs to find a use for his raging hard-on.  It is the happiest of `Happy Endings` when both the giver and receiver of the massage end up shooting loads of cum all over each other.
Condom Free
Raphael Nyon, Nils Tatum
Bob is upset.  Instead of his usual morning sex, Antony is just looking at other guys dick pics.  In order to get his way though he prepares a home remedy that should get Antony in the mood (for those who want to know, it is a tea made from the Bindii weed, Tribulus terrestris).  The tea has the desired effect and pretty soon Bob is being satisfied with Antony`s big dick thrusting in and out of his ass until he shoots a huge load all over his chest.
Condom Free
Antony Lorca, Bob Marghiela
On Tuesday we gave you a scene from early on in Nate`s career, so we thought that we should balance it out with one featuring 2 very experienced performers, Ariel and Joaquin. The scene was filmed for us by Marty Stevens and the combines experience of the director and models has given truly special results.
Ariel may prove that he`s never going to be a good skateboarder, but his talents as a lover are almost infinite, starting off slowly and gently and working up to a superhuman pace.  Whatever he comes up with though, just inspires Joaquin to want more and more, faster, harder and deeper.
Condom Free
Ariel Vanean, Joaquin Arrenas
Nate`s introduction to BelAmi was with the charming Marc Ruffalo (which can be found on, and this one with Rocco was his second.  Kevin plays matchmaker here, knowing that Nate would appeal to Rocco`s tastes and help inspire the newcomer into a porn career. It does show at times that Nate is still a little unsure of his prowess as a top and is a little timider than the Nate that you are all used to seeing now, but even as an early performance he showed outstanding promise and manages to fuck an explosive cumshot out of a very appreciative Rocco.
Freshmen Tuesday
Rocco Alfieri, Nate Donaghy
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