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What happens when our cameramen leave their equipment lying around in the presence of 2 exhibitionists?  The obvious answer is that he will come back and find it full of very unexpected but interesting pictures.
This is exactly what happens here with Robin and Gaelan.... and as also expected, getting naked together will often lead to other things...
Condom Free
Gaelan Binoche, Robin Michaux
Since we are featuring our Fucking Kris series this season GD thought it was the perfect opportunity to release this much anticipated scene.Although a very rare occurrence, Kris did bottom for us 2 times in the past.  The first you have seen earlier this year when he bottomed for fellow Hungarian Kristof Esterhazy and then this time for Brandon Manilow.We have spoken about this scene and shown you pictures in the past, so we are very happy at last to be able to have the opportunity to show you the full scene.
Condom Archive
Brandon Manilow, Kris Evans
This is one of a pair of scene we have with Ronny and Jeff.  Both filmed at different times, but this one we have Ronny on top and the other Jeff gets to return the favor.
A little unusually we start off this clip with 3 of our regular models, Rick, Rocco and Kevin talking about their conquests and lives when Ronny arrives and begins to reminisce about one of his more memorable encounters.
Condom Free
Ronny Lamarr, Jeff Mirren
The photosession with Adam and Scott worked so well together that we scheduled them for a scene as well.  To add a little variety to the scene though we called upa boy who had filmed quite a bit with us in the past (and since then for quite a few other places as well) and are happy to welcome back Ennio Guardi (The last time we saw him here was back in March when he was fucked by Vadim Farrell)
This time he is here bottoming again for both Adam and Scott. The scene is shot in our Prague studio in summer this year.
Condom Free
Ennio Guardi, Adam Archuleta, Scott Reeves
The second scene in our BelAmi Legends miniseries features stalwart Luke Hamill together with dark haired beauty Johnny Bloom.
We always tell you we travel to South Africa because there is much nicer weather there during the European winter months.  The truth is that it is not always so, as we see in the introduction to todays scene.  Not to matter though, there are plenty of other things to do on a rainy day than sit by the pool.
Condom Free Archive
Luke Hamill, Johnny Bloom
Two of our more frequent guest stars are back for today`s update. Blond Yannick is here topping dark haired Ramon.In the scene opening we catch Ramon is a bit of a fib when he tells his partner he is a little nervous as he has never done this before.  It becomes pretty evident soon though that he is actually quite the old pro.
Condom Free
Ramon Macchio, Yannick Modine
Sometimes things don`t always go according to plan when shooting porn and we have to ad-lib a little to get the job done.Today`s scene with Tim and Steve is an example of a little ad-libbing after the fact.  The scene was originally filmed as a flip-flop scene to be aired over 2 days, but on the 2nd day Steve`s topping skills were not what they should have been so we decided to leave that part out and present it as a normal 1 day affair.
Condom Free
Tim Campbell, Steve Russell
The last time we had a new scene with Dolph was all the way back in May of this year so we are very happy that he is back in the first scene of our `BelAmi Legends` series.
Today and each following Saturday this month we are featuring a scene with one of our stars who is no longer working as a model anymore, paired together with one of our newer models.  Claude Sorel is one lucky guy to have had this chance before Dolph`s retirement in front of the camera.
ps... hope you don`t mind seeing the same location twice this week, by chance this and Tuesday`s scene were both filmed in what serves as George`s bedroom when he stays in Budapest.
Condom Free
Dolph Lambert, Claude Sorel
This is the 3rd scene we have for you with newcomer Rhys Jagger and his 3rd time bottoming here on BelAmiOnline.  He is paired today with the more experiences Gaelan Binoche.  As you will see the scene was filmed our Budapest studio, with a special introduction around Vajdahunyad Castke (interesting note, the castle was built to celebrate Hungary`s 100th anniversary back 1908).
Both guys here are physically well matched and put on a great show.  Rhys will be back again for the finale of the Fucking Kris series, where he makes his debut online as a top, and Gaelan shortly after in the new year.
Condom Free
Gaelan Binoche, Rhys Jagger
Although this scene didn`t quite make it to our Saturday series this month `BelAmi Legends`, it does follow a similar formula:  One of our older generation of stars together with one of our new models.Today we have Sascha Chaykin fucking Rick Lautner, the difference from the Saturday series is that both models are still active.Starting this Saturday you will see scenes with Dolph, Luke, Brandon and Mick
Condom Free
Sascha Chaykin, Rick Lautner
You could be forgiven for thinking that this is one of our scenes filmed recently in Africa, but of course it is actually from our Flintstone house location in Budapest.The scene was filmed by one of our guest directors, so we would be very interested in hearing your feedback on this episode.
As always, Phillipe is a very eager bottom , and Brian shows us what a truly versatile performer he is.
Condom Free
Phillipe Gaudin, Brian Jovovich
Everyones favorite bespectacled Hungarian is back today in this night scene with Jean-Daniel, filmed by Marty Stevens in our Budapest studio.
Night scenes present their own specific set of challenges for a director in how to light the scene that we can see everything, but at the same time maintain the gentle and romantic feel of filming at night.  With his 20 years of experience, Marty always manages to get the balance just right.
Condom Free
Jean-Daniel , Jason Clark
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