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The only language that Arne and Robin have in common is English, and both of them are relative beginners but nonetheless give it a good try in today`s update.
Arne has just popped around looking for Kris, but instead he comes across Robin taking a shower.  After a little awkward introduction Arne ends up in the shower helping to soap up Robin`s back...  Boys being boys, it doesn`t end there but rather in the bedroom
Condom Free
Robin Michaux, Arne Coen
Most of the time we ask our boys to be themselves when we are filming,but sometimes our directors come up with storylines that require the boys to exercise some acting skills.
Today we have Florian playing some violent video games that has Johan a little concerned, so he reaches out to Manuel to help him release a little of Florian pent up aggression in a more constructive and erotic manner.  Being one of our more experienced models, Manuel knows just what to do.
Condom Free
Manuel Rios, Florian Nemec
It may be true that our boys are a little more forward than most when it comes to hitting on each other, but at times they like to wait to be asked rather than offer themselves up.
Today Marc is out at the pool and Tim is preventing him getting sunburned by carefully applying sunscreen all over when Tim suggests that they forget about the pool and head inside.  It turns out that this was exactly what Marc was waiting for, having no interest in the pool other than getting a rub down from Tim.
Today`s scene is just part 1 of a double update.  Tim`s turn on top now and on Saturday we return with Marc fucking Tim
Condom Free
Marc Ruffalo, Tim Campbell
We have filmed Billy and Scott together once before in a scene that we aired around Easter last year.  That time it was as a condom archive scene, so we decided to film them together again without condoms.  Both of the scenes were filmed for us by Lukas Ridgeston, the first was with Billy bottoming and today`s episode where Billy is topping so that you can tell us which one you prefer more.
Condom Free
Billy Cotton, Scott Reeves
Jack has a new best friend for today as he prepares to do a training session with newcomer Michael Allen.Being unusually protective, Jack has sent the rest of the KA team away for the afternoon so that he can have Michael all to himself, although I think the real reason is more directly related to Michael`s cock and not wanting to share it with the other boys just yet.
Condom Free
Jack Harrer, Michael Allen
It`s been 6 weeks since our last update with Kevin here on BelAmiOnline.  That time it was a night scene with Alan Kinney, and today he is back with another newcomer, Jeff Mirren.
The beginning of the clip shows a little bit of what it is like in a day in the life of Kevin, running around with his camera on assignment to create some home videos for us. (Any boys that are a mystery to you though will have to remain that way for a little bit longer).  Part of his role also seems to be a bit like a BelAmi social worker.... If he finds someone in need of cheering up, or even just in need of some boredom relief, he is always there to help out.  Today has to be Jeff`s luckiest day to be bored as Kevin decides to help cheer up his day a little.
Condom Free
Kevin Warhol, Jeff Mirren
Jaco van Sant s back with us today. He normally prefers to bottom, but he can be an excellent top too when the mood takes him.
Today we have him fresh our of the shower hooking up with one of our `guest stars`, they seem to get along quite well and Tony seems to enjoy the fucking if his shooting a huge load while he is still being fucked is any indication.
Condom Free
Jaco Van Sant, Tony Conrad
The start of our double update for this week really demonstrates the familiarity that our guys develop with each other, in this case it is kind of a 3 way flirt between Phillipe, Andrei and Marty the director.  In addition to being models, both Andrei and Phillipe have other responsibilities in the company so are in pretty much constant contact and the friendship that exists between them is put on show here for everyone.
With his job as production manager Phillipe does not get that many opportunities to step in front of the camera any more, and this was his first time in almost a year.  He hasn`t lost any of his on screen charm and appeal though, and we ended up with a fantastic flip-flop scene with him and Andrei Karenin
Condom Free
Phillipe Gaudin, Andrei Karenin
We were thinking that we could call this scene `The Games Boys Play` but decided to stay with our normal model names instead.  This condom free archive scene was filmed in our old Bratislava studio at the time we had just stopped filming with condoms.Both guys are probably better know for being tops, but are completely versatile when changing positions is called for.  In this scene it is Gaelan bottoming for Scott.
Condom Free Archive
Gaelan Binoche, Scott Bennet
It`s a lot more fun to exercise early in the morning if you are not doing it alone.
Marcel Gassion and Brian Jovovich start the day on the beach with a run followed by a few playful push ups .  Marcel as you see him on the beach is the real Marcel we all know, talkative and playful, but when they get back to the house he loses interest in talking so much and refocuses on Brian and the feeling of Brian`s dick inside him.
Condom Free
Marcel Gassion, Brian Jovovich
It is an ancient tradition that if you see Adam Archuleta on new years day, that the rest of the year is going to be great.
Another equally venerable tradition states that Jean-Daniel on the first of the year means a very horny year for all.
Fortunately for all of us we have both of them here in the night scene today with Adam bottoming for Jean Daniel.
Condom Free
Jean-Daniel , Adam Archuleta
2 of our favorite new guys are back for you today.... Steve Russell, the more experienced of the pair, and Daniel Mathis, in what is only his 2nd hardcore scene for us.
As much as you may have liked Daniel in his premiere scene, he thinks he can still do better, so we will have to see how he fairs in this scene with Steve.
Condom Free
Daniel Mathis, Steve Russell
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