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Jerome is very much the proverbial `Good time had by all` in this weeks feature update. If the other boys had not wanted to go to the beach quite so much I am sure we would have ended up with a gang bang here instead of a 3way
At the time of filming, both Tom and Johnny were working together in our Prague office, and I am sure they spent quite a bit of work time planning on how they could get into young Jerome`s pants.  In reality they could have saved a lot of effort, as he clearly is onto their little plan right from the beginning and if they hadn`t made the move on him, he probably would have been hitting on them very soon anyhow.
Last week Marcel got to play `Lucky Pierre` today the role goes to our KinkyAngel Jerome.
Condom Free
Johnny Bloom, Tom Pollock, Jerome Exupery
For the increasing number of fans of Marty’s “Evening Rituals” series,  here is a special update featuring Tony Conrad and Zac DeHaan.  Despite Tony’s various appearances at other studios, we still feel he is a perfect fit at BelAmi.  Zac, as usual, is a stunning and magnificent lover for his very experienced partner.
Condom Free
Zac DeHaan, Tony Conrad
For me it is quite easy to date this clip, as I know exactly when George made them throw it away, but I doubt many of us will be looking at the couch when it is occupied by Kevin, Gino and Rocco.
Normally Kevin is the little matchmaker of the team, but today he seems quite content to hand the role over to Gino, who knows how to set up a date with young Rocco Alfieri.  While the boys are waiting for Rocco to arrive with lunch, they decide to start on desert without him.  Never to worry, as there is still plenty left of both the boys to satisfy Rocco when he turns up.
Condom Free
Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Rocco Alfieri
You can definitely tell summer is on the way when beach, sand and barely clad sex gods start becoming the regular fare on BelAmi.
Today we have an outstanding scene with 2 of our quintessential jocks, Marc Ruffalo and Rhys Jagger enjoying the sunset on the beach, a quick, light meal and then some wild lovemaking to round out their day in Cape Town.
Energetic and passionate, these boys really know how to fuck.
Condom Free
Marc Ruffalo, Rhys Jagger
We have a flashback scene for you today.  As sexy as Jack has become during the time he spent with BelAmi, it is nice to be reminded of his cheeky, twinkier self from the first couple years.
This scene with Alex Orioli was filmed by Lukas Ridgeston about 2 or 3 years into Jacks time with us, and yet he was already quickly becoming a favourite then.  For the foot lovers amongst you, there are a few moments where Alex also shares his appreciation for feet throughout the clip, and one thing that never changes, Jack shows us his appreciation for a good fuck, in fact, he was so turned on that Lukas didn`t even have time to get in position for his cum shot! (If he had we would have made this a feature scene on Thursday instead of it`s place here on Tuesday).
Condom Free Archive
Alex Orioli, Jack Harrer
You ever get that feeling when you wake up that you would just give anything to have Roald Ekberg lying next to you?
Arne Coen certainly does, and he doesn`t hesitate to wake him up so that he can make use of his buddies morning wood in satisfying his every urge.
Condom Free
Arne Coen, Roald Ekberg
There is something about the Mediterranean climate that brings out the horniest aspects of our boys.  The sun, the sea, the relaxed atmosphere all combine to make the perfect backdrop for today`s 3way.
In his attempt to work his way through all of BelAmi`s biggest and best dicks Marcel seems to be getting impatient and has moved things up a gear here and decided he would up his tally by 2 at the same time.  By the time the scene reaches it`s climax Marcel seems very satisfied by his decision, getting both a mouth and ass full of cum.
Condom Free
Ariel Vanean, Marcel Gassion, Peter Annaud
We called this episode `Training the twink` and obviously Bobby Noiret qualifies as the twink in this partnership.  It is in fact one of Bobby`s training scenes and luckily he got one of our most experienced performers  to show him the ropes.  Gaelen Binoche, as always, is stunning and does his best to impart of his wealth of experience to young Bobby
Condom Free Archive
Gaelan Binoche, Bobby Noiret
The monthly treat of our Offensively Large boys is here again for May.  This time Joel is flying solo without Jack but joining him to make up the XXL ranks is newcomer Raf Koons.
Another newbie joins the ranks to see if he can handle some of our biggest boys, and this time it is Jon Kael.  You met Jon for the first and only time in August last year during his casting video, and we hope you remember Raf from his photo session last month and also from a couple outings on KinkyAngels last year.
Offensively Large
Joel Birkin, Raf Koons, Jon Kael
It must have been a special birthday gift for Jeff this day as Luke allowed him to choose his own scene partner.  After spending a lot of time in the gym it is obvious that he became enamored of Andrei Karenin`s body and that influenced his choice this day.  While Jeff has a great body and a super set of abs, it is true that not many other boys can compare with Andrei.
After watching the action of Andrei fucking Jeff I would say he made the perfect choice.
Condom Free
Andrei Karenin, Jeff Mirren
Being a sound sleeper is normally a good thing, but when Jason Clark is trying to wake you with gentle licking to your nipple it would pay to sleep very lightly.  At least it does not take Rhys long to respond to the attention and give Jason everything that he desires.
Condom Free
Jason Clark, Rhys Jagger
It is a little unusual that we start a 2 part scene on Saturday, but for this weekend we have our special double scene with Hoyt, Vadim and Johnny.  Vadim getting fucked is always going to be a special occasion, and when he is getting fucked by Hoyt, it is extra special.  Part one is just Hoyt and Vadim, and then they are joined by a very happy Johnny in part 2.
You will notice from Hoyt`s haircut that this is a scene from early on in his time with us
Condom Free
Vadim Farrell, Hoyt Kogan
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