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Marco can sometimes be rather direct, and upon first meeting Jason Clark he certainly does not waste any time in letting him know exactly what he wants.... not that Jason seems to mind one little bit.
Condom Free Archive
Marco Bill, Jason Clark
It seems like August just keeps getting better and better.  It really shows sometimes when you have 2 very experienced boys together for a scene, and they can`t get much more experienced than Tim and Arne.  In part 1 Time gets to top Arne and in part 2 their roles are reversed.
Condom Free
Tim Campbell, Arne Coen
Today we are happy to properly introduce you to the Belucci brothers, Lino and Aldo.  Some of you may recognise them from some other websites under different names.  For a while we had Lino under an exclusive contract, but since the word `exclusive` didn`t seem to be in his vocabulary, we ended up releasing him from the contract and now film with both of them on an ad-hoc basis.  Today their lucky scene partner is Roald Ekberg.
Condom Free
Roald Ekberg, Lino Belucci, Aldo Belucci
In all honesty, as soon as I saw the names of the boys for this weeks `Summer of Love` flip-flop I knew we would be in for a treat.  Dylan and Ronny are our2 most naturally kinky and sexually uninhibited guys, so putting them in a scene together would always result in a corker!
The boys certainly don`t disappoint and Marty even seems to have some trouble holding them back from each other so that he can have a little chat before they jump into the action.
Boys, toys and a lot of fun!
Condom Free
Dylan Maguire, Ronny Lamarr
Since you all seemed to enjoy seeing Tom again in last week`s action picture update we decided to bring him back again for our Tuesday update.
He gets together here with Phillipe Gaudin in a tag team fuck of Gaelan Binoche.... after a little game of special chess
Condom Free
Gaelan Binoche, Phillipe Gaudin, Tom Pollock
Andrei is one of our resident trainers at the BelAmi gym, but whenever he is lacking the equipment  to do his workout he needs to find some alternative.  Luckily today Roald Ekberg was on hand and he makes a handy replacement for a set of dumbbells
This 2 part scene sees Andrei as the bottom in part 1, and after a short break the boys are back at it again, this time with Roald on the bottom.
Condom Free
Andrei Karenin, Roald Ekberg
Given Zac`s these days we thought it was about time that we brought him back for another scene here on BelAmiOnline.  Today`s little tryst falls under our `Night Scenes` umbrella and was filmed by Marty Stevens and co-stars Milan Sharpe.
Condom Free
Zac DeHaan, Milan Sharpe
Earlier this week we introduced you to a boy who could pass for Billy`s cousin, but now it is time for the real deal.  This week`s 2 day special is with Billy Montague and Steve Russell.  Part 1 sees Billy fucking Steve and the roles being reversed for part 2.
We did have a bit of trouble working which part was actually the first part, as we have no scene set up here (which normally means it is the 2nd part), but in part 2 there is an intro, but the boys are already naked... so we decided what we have is 2 second parts -)
In any case both are great scenes and we hope you enjoy
Condom Free
Billy Montague, Steve Russell
I think it is fair to say that a lot more of you are Jim fans compared to Johnny fans, but in this scene from Cape Town, both boys give fantastic performances.  Coming in from the baking sun, our boys waste no time in stripping off all of their clothes and working up a sweat in other ways.
Condom Free Archive
Jim Kerouac, Johnny Bloom
Every since we started doing the programming schedule for BelAmi`s Summer of Love we`ve been looking forward to your reactions to this combination.  Despite one being dark and the other fair, Kris and Torsten have a lot in common, although Kris obviously has a few years on the young Torsten.  Great dicks, near perfect bodies and a hunger for sex.
As with every week during our summer special, this is a flip flop scene with Kris topping an admiring Torsten in the first part and then the young contender taking his turn to fuck Kris in part 2.  For those of you interested in seeing a bit more of Torsten when he first came to us, there is more with him in August and September editions of KinkyAngels.
Condom Free
Kris Evans, Torsten Ullman
A few of you have noticed that recently Gaelan did a little spell on, but this scene was filmed a few years back when both he and scene partner Tom Pollock were a bit younger.
Lukas Ridgeston and Todd Rosset are our cameramen on this hot summer afternoon in South Africa.
Condom Free
Gaelan Binoche, Tom Pollock
We have a double dose of dark haired beauties for you this week in Adam and Marc.  Normally our few remaining scenes with condoms go on Tuesdays.  However, this is a special double-day flip-flop scene so the only place in the schedule for it is Thursday and Saturday.
Part one has Marc enthusiastically topping Adam.  Adam shows his enjoyment by shooting high and hard while getting fucked. Part two has the boys swapping roles with Adam topping Marc.
Condom Archive
Adam Archuleta, Marc Ruffalo
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