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On the forum there has been quite an active discussion going on about Rick and it seems you all missed him a little more than we thought you would, so today we decided to give another of his scenes an airing, this time with Gaelan Binoche.
When Rick first started with us he did have a little bit of a skin problem, but as you will see by now he is as smooth skinned as all the rest of the boys, maybe it was the result of the skin treatments he has been getting like the one Gaelan gives him at the end of this clip.
Condom Free
Gaelan Binoche, Rick Lautner
Today we have 3 boys, but we don`t have a 3way. Jamie and Jeff have been arguing about who is better in sex.  Jaime`s blowjobs or Jeff`s butt.  Not being able to come to an agreement themselves that decide that need the services of a very experienced Scott Bennet to make the final judgment.
Condom Free
Scott Bennet, Jamie Durrell, Jeff Mirren
On Valentine`s day we had Rhys and Hoyt together for a special show on Needless  to say that the pairing was so popular that the boys overran their scheduled 4 hours and ended up staying online for 8.
For todays scene we have Rhys back again, not with Hoyt, but paired up with our favorite office boy, Tom Pollock.  The pair start off in the swimming pool but very quickly end up in the bedroom.
Condom Free
Tom Pollock, Rhys Jagger
You may initially think that we`ve made a mistake when we listed the models in this scene, but if you keep watching past the introduction you will see that this scene is really with Adam and Chris Hoyt.
It starts off however with Adam and Billy explaining a bit about their relationship and history together, and inevitably leads on to some of their sexual conquests.... which is where Chris comes into the picture.  Anyhow, probably the best explanation is for you to watch the clip and see how it goes.
Condom Free
Adam Archuleta, Chris Hoyt
It`s not well know but Brian works for us as a production manager in our Bratislava office, taking over more responsibilities from Phillipe while he is overseas studying English.  One perk of the job is that it gives him plenty of excuses to browse the catalog of boys and dream about which ones he wants next.  It also gives him the advantage of being to influence the same decision making process.
According to Brian`s matching algorithm he decides that he will be a good match with Steve Russell and we were not ones to disagree on this choice, only insisting that it should be a flip flop scene with each of the guys taking turns to fuck each other.
What do you think?  Did Brian make the right choice?
Condom Free
Steve Russell, Brian Jovovich
Today`s scene is a pairing that resulted from our Triple Treat casting a while back.  As soon as we had your votes in for Ramon Macchio, and seeing that he was already quite experienced working for other studios, we decided to pair him up with Jack Harrer.
As this was Ramon`s first scene with us Jack decided that he would be on his best behavior and try to make him feel right at home.  Seeing that Ramon told us in advance that he likes getting fucked with big dicks Jack does his best to impress him with his fucking  prowess.
Condom Free
Jack Harrer, Ramon Macchio
After their evening together, Kris has a surprise valentine`s gift for Marcel.
Waking up after an evening of hot action Marcel is pleasantly surprised with the arrival of Zac DeHaan.  If only all our boyfriends would be so considerate as to be giving gifts like this on Valentine`s day
Condom Free
Kris Evans, Zac DeHaan, Marcel Gassion
The task for Claude and Marc today is to go to the market hall in Budpaest and find the `fruits of love`.  I don`t know why they had to go all that way as they seem to have found the fruits of true love right at home with each other.
Condom Free
Marc Ruffalo, Claude Sorel
We`re back in the shower again today for the opening of our scene with Ronny Lamaar and Jeff Mirren.  It is the 2nd time we have filmed these 2 lads together, the first was with Jeff as bottom, and today, much to Ronny`s delight, it is going to be his turn.
Condom Free
Ronny Lamarr, Jeff Mirren
We`re used to seeing both Gino an Vadim in sex scenes that use their more senergetic nature, but for today`s update we tried to bring the more tender side of both of the boys.  Starting in the shower and thoughout the clip both boys show us their more sensual side.
In the first part we have Vadim topping Gino and in part 2 the roles are reversed.
Condom Free
Vadim Farrell, Gino Mosca
As this scene was to be sandwiched in between the dual photosession updates with new blond star Jerome Exupery we thought we had better choose a pair of dark haired beauties for you.
Marco Bill and Johnny Bloom fit just that definition.  Today`s scene has both boys in the favorite positions, Johnny on the bottom and Marco on top
Condom Free
Marco Bill, Johnny Bloom
Even amongst porn stars jealousy can sometimes rear it`s ugly little head every now and then.  Luckily with most of our guys it is just a tactic used to get their buddies into bed.Quickly becoming one of your favorites, Dylan Maguire is a guy who always gives a good performance, and when we paired him up with his friend Jamie Durrell we were confident that we would be able to get a good show.
Condom Free
Dylan Maguire, Jamie Durrell
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