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Wrapping up our Jambo Africa week for this month we have Hoyt Kogan and Serge Cavalli.  Being a part of a very close group like our musketeers definitely has it`s advantages, but at times it can also seem a bit stifling, and Hoyt is too much of a free spirit to be so confined. Today he goes to extremes and pretends to be so ill that he can`t join his buddies on a field trip, just so that he has the chance to have some fun without them.
Once his friends are out of the way he wastes no time in hooking up with Serge, satisfying all of their desires, and getting back to the business of `being sick` before his concerned friends return.
Jambo Africa
Hoyt Kogan, Serge Cavalli
At last we found some of Adam`s much-vaunted drone footage that he didn`t accidentally erase and our editors were able to track Orri and Benoit along the waterfront at Sea Point in Cape Town during their early morning exercise outing. Of course, all good workouts are finished off with a good fuck and our boys don`t disappoint here.
Similar to Tuesday`s scene you will notice that the boys are taking the lead in the directing more, as they become more confident in making love in front of the camera. While being generally known for his excellent bottoming skills, Orri also excels here as a top, and newcomer Benoit is more than happy with the good fucking he receives.
Jambo Africa
Orri Aasen, Benoit Ulliel
There may be few places (other than in politics) where you are rewarded for cheating, but playing pool against Liam is one of them.  In fact, win or lose, every one is a winner when playing for blowjobs and sex.
As the boys stay in Cape Town goes on, they become more and more relaxed with each other, and as this scene demonstrates, we could almost do away with our directors altogether and just film the daily goings on of the boys. 
Bastian is fast becoming the best cock sucker in the team, with skills that would be impressive even to an old pro, and certainly have exceeded Liam`s expectations. Having said that, his talents with his dick are not far behind as Liam gets his favorite fuck of the trip.
Jambo Africa
Bastian Dufy, Liam Efron
To keep in with our summer theme, we have decided to bring you this scene filmed on sunny Mykonos between Antony Lorca and Nils Tatum.  The scene is already on the DVD `My name is Nils` so we felt that you also deserved to see it here online. If any of you ever wanted a lesson on what you can do with an ice cube, then this is our response to you.  Just wait for a steamy hot day and start rubbing it all over Nils until he gets so turned on that he is begging you to fuck him.... or at least that is how it works if you are Antony Lorca. We hope that you enjoy this summer special with 2 of our hottest guys.
Last Summer In Greece
Antony Lorca, Nils Tatum
Since we had a pair of jocks for you on Tuesday, we thought to balance it out with a pair of twinks for you today.  While they may be both young, cute and very talented in bed, no-one can accuse either Justin or Jean-Luc of being talented with a curling wand, as you will see in the opening to this scene. Luckily it is only a minute before the pants come off, exposing to rock hard, youthful erections. As you would expect, Justin is the top here as Jean-Luc relishes all the attention that his ass gets from Justin`s tongue and cock.
Condom Free
Jean-Luc Bisset, Justin Saradon
The title of this scene, “Please fuck me” might be considered misleading as Marcel never utters those words.  However, he does say that with his eyes, with his body language, with the palpable eagerness he shows in getting fucked whenever a big dick is present.  Today that big dick belongs to Marc Ruffalo. 
Marcel is a perfectionist- especially when it comes to bottoming.  He likes everything perfect for his lucky top and sometimes takes too long getting ready.  By the time Marcel comes out of the bathroom Marc has fallen asleep.  Undaunted by this minor inconvenience, Marcel decides to wake him up cock first.  We’re sorry for the lack of foreplay, but Marcel’s desire for dick overrode all other niceties.
Condom Free
Marc Ruffalo, Marcel Gassion
We are jumping a little out of order here and bringing you a scene that actually appeared in `The Private Life of Tim Hamilton`.  The scene was originally shot as the `alternate reality` opening for the Lukas in Love series but ended up being used elsewhere.  Anyhow it really does deserve it`s credit here as part of this original series.  
In Tim`s version of events, Lukas still catches him cheating with Danny, but instead of the break up the ensued, there was a fantastic 3way and everyone lived happily ever after.  Lucky for us at BelAmi, all versions of reality can be filmed!
Lukas in Love
Tim Hamilton, Lukas Ridgeston, Danny Saradon
Many times it pays to be patient and wait for something you really want.  It is a lesson well learned by Ariel Vanean today as he sits alone waiting for a meeting.  Serendipity (and I guess Luke Hammil) steps in and it turns out, they were unknowingly waiting for each other all along.
In this encounter, it is obvious that Ariel has had the hots for Torsten for quite a while and can`t wait to feel him inside his ass. If you like horny guys in genuine steamy sex, this should be just the scene for you.
Condom Free
Ariel Vanean, Torsten Ullman
Proverbs tells us to beware of the man bearing gifts and invoking flattering words, but I don`t think that Jeff has anything to worry about when the gift bearer is Antony Lorca, and the gift is an especially large and hard cock. 
One of few BelAmi models who is cut, Antony certainly puts his dick to good use first in Jeff`s eager mouth and then his hungry hole. The chemistry between these 2 good friends here is great and the sex something we all can aspire to.
Condom Free
Antony Lorca, Jeff Mirren
While we concede to you that Ronny may not be the most classically handsome model around, there is no denying that he is one of the most talented and uninhibited performers that there is.  Today he is very insistent on interrupting Kevin`s work in order to get his hands on newcomer Jim (who by the way, also demonstrates a total lack of inhibitions on a level similar to Dyan Maguire).  Together they certainly make for a hot pairing.  Normally when experienced guys pair up with newbies, it is the newby who generally bottoms.  Not so today, as it seems that there is nothing more that Ronny wants than to get fucked.
Freshmen Tuesday
Ronny Lamarr, Jim Durden
Marc has finally had an amazing revelation: He loves big cocks, and he no longer is buying into his old mantra of `size doesn`t matter`.  For him now, it certainly matters and the bigger the better.
We start off by pairing Marc with Zac DeHaan, who has a nice thick cock, but when that is not enough to satisfy him we add anothe guy who just happens to love getting fucked by big dicks, Brian Jovovich into the mix as well.  Three Jocks, Three big cocks.  How could it get any better?
Condom Free
Marc Ruffalo, Zac DeHaan, Brian Jovovich
We have been saving this Kris Evans scene for you for a little while now.  We always thought that this combination of power top and hungry bottom would be a great one to film and we certainly were not mistaken.  The more that Kris gives, the more Christian wants.  Overall, Kris spent more than 10 years filming with us, and his wealth of experience shines through here, enhanced by the fact that Christian is another of our models who really appreciates a great body.... and there is nothing that Kris loves more than being appreciated, and he shows that with one of the biggest loads he`s ever shot.
Condom Free
Kris Evans, Christian Lundgren
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