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Today`s update is with a couple of boys who we work with on a slightly less than exclusive basis.  It is not our normal way of doing things, but as both of these guys normally give outstanding performances we decided that it was not too big of a problem.
There are no prizes for guessing that this scene was shot in South Africa (there are not such nice beaches in Prague nor in Budapest) and we join our boys as they have an impromptu photosession whilst walking along the beach.  After a few more intimate snaps back in the room things start to get a little to heated to bother any longer with the camera.
Condom Free
Milan Sharpe, Arne Coen
Poor Dalton.  When he first approached and asked if he could film some scenes with us he was really keen to film with Kevin.  Of course we told him that it would be fine, as long as he didn`t mind bottoming, as well all know Kevin currently is just a top.  He readily agreed and we booked his tickets to come over.
When he arrived there were a series of little things that ended up preventing us from filming that scene (Kevin was late back from holidays, then he was working in Budapest etc) so it seemed to poor Dalton that we were playing a bit of a trick on him.  Anyhow, this time he seemed not to mind filming with Roald (and once Rick was able to interrupt Roald from jerking off, he seemed not to mind either), so Dalton`s hardcore debut on BelAmiOnline is here with Roald Ekberg.
This scene was filmed while we were still waiting for Dalton`s tests to come back, so it is with condoms.
Exclusive programming
Roald Ekberg, Dalton Briggs
Now our story begins.  Last time we had a preview of life for Brother Massimo in the Vatican.  It is time to start introducing the rest of the players.

Each SITV2 update chronicles the quest of our guys to get into the pants of the Swiss Guards.  This pursuit stemmed from Kevin’s online research of recent Vatican scandals involving priests and the Swiss Guard.  Kevin was outraged- that they were having all the fun!   If they can do it, why shouldn’t he?  So, he teamed up with Claude Sorel and Gino Mosco to put the plan into action.  First stop: Brother Massimo….
Scandal in the Vatican
Kevin Warhol, Joel Birkin
Both of our guys today are featured also in upcoming scenes in Scandal in the Vatican 2 - The Swiss Guard, but unlike in that project, here they actually get to make out together.  There are no prizes given this time around for guessing who is topping who... just a guarantee that it is bound to be quite a few peoples favorite.
Condom Free
Zac DeHaan, Marcel Gassion
Tom Pollock works as our archivist in the Prague office.  As part of his job he keeps an eye on all the scenes as they get released, never failing to point out to everyone that his last couple scenes have all had almost 5 star ratings.  After previewing today`s scene I somehow doubt that it is going to change.
He is paired up here with fellow blond (and fellow favorite) Daniel Mathis.  Although we tend to think of Tom as more of a bottom kind of guy, we see here that when he is paired up with the right guys, he is equally capable as a top.
Condom Free
Tom Pollock, Daniel Mathis
Today`s scene is with 2 guys that we work with quite regularly, but are not exclusives to BelAmiOnline.
Today it seems like Scott Reeves has had a bad day at work and arrives home all out of sorts.  Luckily he has someone as understanding as Tony Conrad there to help relieve some of the stress.  Scott has always been one of our better tops, and in this episode he shows why.
Condom Free
Scott Reeves, Tony Conrad
You would think that being a porn star would eliminate the need to jerk off at every possible opportunity, but I`m here to tell you that is certainly not the case.  Unless under strict instructions, all of our boys will be jerking off almost hourly, and then still happily shooting out loads of cum during their scenes.  Luckily jerking off is not their preferred way of getting off, so quite often they will start to do it in a place that they know they are going to be caught... just on the chance that the person who does the catching is willing to help them out.
Today we have Jack Harrer catching Rhys doing just that, and being the helpful, friendly guy that he is, decides to give Rhys a hand.... and a mouth.... and a cock...
Condom Free
Jack Harrer, Rhys Jagger
It seems like this is the week for dark haired and blond combinations.  After Marc and Yuri on Thursday we are following up with the athletic combination of Roald and Vadim.
We start off today with a few of our boys discussing some of their favorite scenes.  Adam is there to tell us about his favorite `explosive` experience with Andre and Roald is there to tell us.... well, we can just let you see for yourself what he wanted to say.....
Condom Free
Vadim Farrell, Roald Ekberg
This is a day where Marc would answer the question, “Do gentlemen prefer blonds” with a resounding yes!  What other answer could he give after sampling the exquisite and very blond Yuri Alpatov?

Marc is top and Yuri is more than delighted to be bottom.  A scene like this makes me envious of the cameraman.
Condom Free
Marc Ruffalo, Yuri Alpatow
During August of this year, Jeff was a volunteer bartender at a local bar for Prague’s pride celebrations.  Jeff was a clear favorite of many of the patrons there, despite the stiff-competition of Kevin and Jean Daniel, and having no English skills.  Small wonder as, even with his clothes on, Jeff’s friendly nature is engaging and endearing. 
Garret is lucky to have teamed up with Jeff for his premiere hardcore scene here on Belamionline.  So, is Garret’s dick bigger than Jeff’s nose?  Should we tell Jeff to stop worrying about the size of his….nose? Let us know what you think
Condom Free
Jeff Mirren, Garret Dornan
To go out with a bang we decided that the final flip flop scene of our `Summer of Love` programming should be with 2 of our biggest starts, Mick Lovell and Kevin Warhol.
This scene was originally filmed to be part of An American in Prague, but due to a communication mix up, the guys filmed the original version indoors, so GD asked them to film it again in the correct location, so this is the original version that did not make it into the movie.
Condom Free
Kevin Warhol, Mick Lovell
Marco can sometimes be rather direct, and upon first meeting Jason Clark he certainly does not waste any time in letting him know exactly what he wants.... not that Jason seems to mind one little bit.
Condom Free Archive
Marco Bill, Jason Clark
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