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We go all blond for our classic scene this month with Hungarian heart-throb, Harris Hilton and Czech local, Billy Cotton. This was originally planned as a 2 day scene but we thought it would work better combining both days together, so you actually get 2 scenes in one here today. We`re not sure who makes the better top and bottom, so maybe you can give us your judgement here.
Condom Free Archive
Billy Cotton, Harris Hilton
Of all our newcomers this season, Zac Haynes seems to be quite a favorite for a lot of you.  Today we have him here on BelAmiOnline in his scene with veteran Rhys Jagger.
Rhys has always been one of our more understated performers. Quiet and steady, and yet at the same time sensual and very sexy and always guaranteed to put in an excellent performance.
We hope that you will really enjoy their scene together today.
Condom Free
Rhys Jagger, Zac Haynes
Another boy who started his hardcore career with us during 2018 is Pierre Cezanne and therefore qualifies to be one of our 25th-anniversary boys. With Pierre it can be a bit of a surprise as to whether he is going to turn up clean shaven or with his sexy stubble present.  We hope you all don`t mind too much, but today we have the hairier version of Pierre teamed up with Enrique Vera.  Even though this is his 3rd scene online (including on Freshmen) it is actually only his 2nd scene to be filmed so what you get here is a cute boy, full of potential and trying to impress us all with his natural bottoming skills.
Freshmen Tuesday
Enrique Vera, Pierre Cezanne
This is the finale of our quartet of American Lovers scenes this season, and there could not be a better way to go out than with our own Christian Lundgren and NakedSword`s Ryan Rose. While our American Lovers here may not have been everyone`s cup of tea, there is no denying that Ryan is one hell of a top and the perfect scene partner for someone like Christian, who loves to get fucked.  We start the scene with Christian showing Ryan some of his favorite places in Prague before we head back to the bedroom and Christian gets to experience his very first American Lover.
American Lovers
Christian Lundgren, Ryan Rose
While this scene falls firmly in the `Jack Goes Wild` category, we suppose it is more accurately described as `Jack and Dylan go Wild`.  Our pair of energetic and playful lovers are paired up with a boy whose voracious appetite for bottoming is almost legendary amongst the BelAmi team; Marcel Gassion.  Watch on to see if Dylan and Jack combined are enough to satisfy Marcel, or we should have added a few more boys and made it a gang bang.
Condom Free
Jack Harrer, Marcel Gassion, Dylan Maguire
It seems that many of you have been waiting eagerly for this day, especially if you follow the boys on BelAmiChat.  Today is Paul Cassidy`s hardcore debut scene and we have chosen his partner for this occasion to be Jeroen Mondrian.  We`re actually a little lucky that the scene even happened, as Jeroen made a little mistake and was waiting for a few hours at the wrong place to meet Paul.  After a quick call though it was all sorted out and Marty Stevens was able to bring us the scene that you see today.  For those of you who are taken with Paul, he is online most days at
Condom Free
Jeroen Mondrian, Paul Cassidy
We have a bit of a break today from the overload of new guys that you have been getting to feature 2 slightly more established models in Bob Marghiela and Bastian Dufy.  We start off with one of those lazy Sunday morning type situations where neither boy is exactly sure what they want to do with the day.  The obvious compromise between staying in bed sleeping and going out jogging in sub-freezing temperatures is to have a lot of hot and wild sex instead. We all know for many of Bastian`s episodes that he certainly knows how to use that big dick of his, starting off slowly and picking up the pace until his partners are literally begging for more.
Freshmen Tuesday
Bastian Dufy, Bob Marghiela
It`s classic time again here on BelAmiOnline with a 2 part scene.  The first part features heartthrob Colin Hewitt and romantic Rhys Jagger.  It was supposed to be a 3way right from the beginning, but Jean-Daniel`s train was delayed, so we have him joining us for part 2 of the scene. All 3 guys at this time were at the peak of their careers, in fine condition of expert lovers so you can expect something special from them here today.
Condom Free Archive
Colin Hewitt, Rhys Jagger
We see today that Joel is slipping into his role as coordinator of our Hungarian boys quite well, introducing newcomer Pascal Mauri to Adam.  For those of you who also subscribe to Freshmen, Pascal needs little introduction, but this is his first outing here on BelAmiOnline as part of our 25 new boys celebration.  Pascal will be back again shortly on Freshmen as part of our upcoming Bootcamp series.
Condom Free
Adam Archuleta, Pascal Mauri
We hope that we are not overwhelming you with all these new boys, but to keep our promise of 25 new boys for our 25th Anniversary they have to come at quite a quick pace.  Today We have Matthieu Pique.  Matthew is a bit of a special case for us in that he arrived, and in his very early content he is very lean, to the point of being thin.  After taking a Christmas break that was spent almost entirely in the gym, he returned as quite the jock. His first scene on Freshmen with Jerome was from the early period, and this one with Christian is from the start of the 2nd.
Freshmen Tuesday
Christian Lundgren, Matthieu Pique
Serge Cavalli is back again for our next American Lovers scene with Brazilian model, Alam Wernik.  Last time we saw Serge he was getting fucked as part of NakedSword`s Last Rose movie, so we are happy to bring him back here to demonstrate his talents as a truly versatile performer.  Since it only seems that people want to comment on the use of condoms in these scenes we have decided to save the effort of typing them again and disabled the comments section...
American Lovers
Serge Cavalli, Alam Wernik
As you saw in a quick outtake a couple weeks ago we have our biggest dick and our most capable bottom paired up for this Saturday special.  Marcel has made it well known to everyone that his ambition is to be called BelAmi`s best bottom ever, so in pursuit of that goal, he is here to take on Joel Birkin.  At no time did we have any doubt that Marcel would enjoy every second of this pounding, and we are equally as hopeful that you will all enjoy watching it as well.
Condom Free
Joel Birkin, Marcel Gassion
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