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We admit that it was a bit tough of Lukas to expect the boys to have to assemble their own bed before fucking on it, so we totally sympathetic with Kieran and Bob when they decide `making the bed` is way too much hard work, and would delay their fucking too long. Fortunately, Lukas is just as adept at filming sex on the sofa as he is at filming it on the bed, and the boys are able to get off without having to do any of the heavy lifting.  When it comes to the sex here, we can see why the boys didn`t want to delay.  The oral is great, the rimming, hungry and the fucking has an appealing urgency to it as Bob repeatedly impales himself on his buddy`s hard dick.
Condom Free
Bob Marghiela, Kieran Benning
Sometimes relationships are all about compromise.  Alan may snore, hog the blanket and steal the pillow, but all seems fine for Antony as long as Alan is happy to prepare a nice healthy breakfast. Unfortunately for Alan, and just like Old Mother Hubbard, this morning the cupboard seems to be bare. On the positive side, there is something else that Alan has to give his buddy that is even better.
Condom Free
Antony Lorca, Alan Mosca
We all know that Marcel is turned on by big dicks, but today we also find out that a big body is also a great turn on for him. He has been trying to set up this scene with Steve for quite a while, but as we think of Steve also a primarily a bottom, the scene kept getting pushed back. Luckily for Marcel the time has finally come, and he is super hard just in anticipation of getting fucked by one of the men of his dreams.
Condom Free
Marcel Gassion, Steve Skarsgaard
We saved the final 3 scenes from season 1 of Jambo Africa for you to start the New Year with.  All 3 scenes were filmed on a special farm located in the countryside, isolated from everyone and everything else. While George was particularly taken by the quality of light here, you will remember from our documentary, that the boys were not quite as taken with the number of flies!
Our first scene today is with Hoyt and Jarrod, followed in February by Helmut, Kevin, and Jerome, and then for Valentine`s day, Christian and Kieran.
Jambo Africa
Hoyt Kogan, Jarrod Lanvin
When we premiered Jens on BelAmiOnline it was in a scene with his friend Andrei Karenin.  Today Andrei is handing him off to another friend for his 2nd scene at BelAmi. Rhys is one of the lucky boys who also has a full-time job with us as a production assistant.  One of the perks of the job is that he often gets to try out new guys like Jens.  There is a nice contract in this scene between Rhys` tanned and buff physique, and Jens` creamy complexion. Whatever training Andrei gave Jens beforehand certainly did the trick as Rhys` explosive cum shot demonstrates.
Condom Free
Rhys Jagger, Jens Christensen
This was filmed during Enrique`s first trip to see Prague, and after a day of sightseeing, Rocco feels that he deserves a 'reward'. Rocco is very eager to get his hands on Enrique for today`s scene, but regardless of his impatience they still take the time to give a glimpse of sexy Enrique taking a quick pre-sex shower while Rocco fixes them both a drink. Initially, we thought that it would be Rocco fucking Enrique, but as it turns out, the `reward` Rocco was seeking was, in fact, Enrique`s big dick up his butt.
Freshmen Tuesday
Rocco Alfieri, Enrique Vera
Little Sven is at his sluttiest today, a side we don`t normally get to see here, but works quite well for him on chat, as it does on Jerome. It may look like some lucky chat customer got a lot more than what they were expecting, but in reality, this was an idea that Sven had for a scene opening and there was no-one on the other side of the camera. This is a scene with a lot of raw sexual energy from both boys, and the intensity of the fucking is on display for us all to see.
Condom Free
Jerome Exupery, Sven Basquiat
Both Tony and Claude are sometimes underappreciated when compared to some of the more flashy and attention seeking models, but both are very attractive and extremely sensual guys who never fail to give us an A class performance. This early morning scene is perfect for both of these boys, giving them a relaxed mood in which to show off the art of making love.
Condom Free
Claude Sorel, Tony Conrad
Today we have Jon Kael welcoming in the new year by taking the virginity of Christopher Caan.  While we have shown you some of Christopher`s scenes on the website before, this is the very first time that he had sex on camera, so you can judge for yourself how he does, and also how well does bottoming for Christopher`s first time.
Freshmen Tuesday
Jon Kael, Christopher Caan
We have saved this Classic Collection scene for the last one of the year. From next week on, we will be returning to castings on Sundays.  Today however we have the dark and handsome Marc Ruffalo together with the impish Jaco Van Sant. After a few limbering up exercises, Marc decides that he wants a lot more from cute, blond Jaco.  This is a more romantic paced scene with a lot of seduction and teasing compared with more recent scenes, so we hope that you will enjoy the change of pace.
Condom Free Archive
Jaco Van Sant, Marc Ruffalo
Our scene today is actually one filmed during our Greek Salad production, so you will find the boys in full on holiday mode: Relaxed and ready for whatever comes their way.  When they agree that the winner of the go-cart race would get to fuck the other one, we all know instantly that Marcel is going to throw the race, as the desire to get fucked by Andrei is just too much.  Both guys are in great shape here, and combined with the intense lovemaking, we have another great scene to help us wrap up 2018 and get ready for the new year.
Condom Free
Andrei Karenin, Marcel Gassion
Both of our boys today have a quiet streak to their personalities, Mael more so than Jason, but they both also have an intense sexuality that almost guarantees that this is going to be a great scene.  Today we didn`t have a Hungarian translator on hand, so the boys had to make do with communicating as best they could. Jason is here bottoming for Mael and pleasure is written all across his face every second he is getting fucked until he shoots his load while still impaled on Mael`s huge dick.
Condom Free
Mael Gauthier, Jason Bacall
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