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Hot on the heels of Marc Ruffalo getting his own entry in out model encyclopedia we have his first pairing together with Jack Harrer.Jack has opted for the role of bottom with Marc, although right from the beginning you can tell he is pretty enamored with Marc`s ass as well. 
The scene was originally planned as a 2 day scene, but as sometimes things happen that thwart the best of plans.  Johan filmed Marc fucking Jack the first day, and when it came to day 2, when Jack would get his chance to return the favor things went awry, so we are left with just one side of the flip flop, but luckily with 2 sets of cum shots from each of the guys.
Condom Free
Jack Harrer, Marc Ruffalo
Both of these guys are naturally sensual lovers, so in their first scene together you can expect this to come through, with lots of kissing, caressing and tenderness.
Although you have seen Marcel only as a bottom so far, he is currently `in training` to be a top, and to his surprise everyone thinks he will also make an outstanding top.
Condom Free
Kevin Warhol, Marcel Gassion
Today`s update features big dicked top Marco Bill and star bottom Milan Sharpe in a condom free update filmed by Lukas Ridgeston.
Both of these guys have a huge appetite for sex and we can be assured that Milan will be able to take everything that Marco has to offer.
Condom Free
Marco Bill, Milan Sharpe
It is D-Day today with our 2 part update starring expert lover Dario Dolce and enthusiastic newbie Dylan Maguire.
We have seen Dylan twice before here on BelAmiOnline, Once topping Mish Akunin and the other bottoming for Jim Kerouac, so we though for his third scene here we would make it a flip flop.Both boys are eager (I dare say even hungry) lovers, so expect things to work up into an energetic encounter here.
Condom Free
Dario Dolce, Dylan Maguire
You will probably notice that as we near the end of our condom archive scenes, that they keep getting better and better.  We have to thanks GD and his tendency to keep a sample of the best of all the boys aside in case we ever need them.
Today we have a fantastic Czech/Hungarian coupling with Julien Hussey being topped by Jack Harrer.  Jack always says that he would like to top more, but the choice of willing partners is reduced by those who are afraid of the size of his dick.  Julien however is not afraid of very much at all and looks forward to being paired with our bigger dicked models.
Condom Archive
Julien Hussey, Jack Harrer
This 2 part update is a little different than our normal ones in that it is not a flip-flop scene.As you can tell from many of our clips, our boys really enjoy their food.  Some of them eat less and other have more robust appetites.  Tom and Scott are in the latter group, although today Scott is less than pleased with Tom`s cooking ability and demands some compensation for having to endure Tom`s cooking.
In the first part of the scene we have a classic oral encounter, and in part 2 we have Scott fucking Tom.
Condom Archive
Tom Pollock, Scott Reeves
It is night scene time again on BelAmiOnline. Today we have Misha Akunin paired up with Jim Kerouac: quintessential top and quintessential bottom together make for a very sensual and sexy scene, and the night atmosphere just adds to this.
Right from the beginning, Jim shows a hunger to get Misha`s pants off and into the treasure that lies beneath.
Condom Free
Jim Kerouac, Misha Akunin
Gaelan and Gino get all fruity in today`s condom archive update.  After stopping at a fruit stand on the side of the road, Gino takes Gaelan back to his place to put all of those extra calories of energy to good use.
Those who know Gino also know that he is a very accommodating host and he does his best here to ensure that Gaelan has a memorable visit.
Condom Archive
Gaelan Binoche, Gino Mosca
We bet that all of you when seeing the cast list for this scene assumed that it would be Milan bottoming.  As a bit of a surprise, today we have Brian Jovovich bottoming for Milan Sharp.  For those of you who prefer to see Milan getting fucked, you don`t have to wait too long, as this flip flop scene continues on Saturday with Brian on top.
Condom Free
Milan Sharpe, Brian Jovovich
This condom-archive scene shows us that there are exceptions to every rule. As a rule, being caught jerking off over a web cam would be embarrassing.  Unless if you’re as sexy as Scott Reeves and the person catching is the irresistible Todd Rosset.
With these two, embarrassment is replaced by lust and the solo web show turns into full-on webcam sex!
Condom Archive
Todd Rosset, Scott Reeves
I am all sure that you remember Lukas and Marcel from our triple treat casting a while back.  Since they have now started working for us they both have new names, Tony Conrad and Ramon Macchio.  In this double scene they are joined by fellow newcomer Yannick Modine in a freshman 3way.
Yannick is definitely the boy in control of the activities here, getting exactly what he wants from Ramon and Tony.  In part 1, he wanted both of the guys to fuck him, and then after a quick shower he wanted it the other way around, where he got to fuck both the other guys.
Condom Free
Tony Conrad, Ramon Macchio, Yannick Modine
Alex Orioli takes on the role of trainer for Robin Michaux.  This scene was filmed in 2011, two years after we first met Robin.  He used the time between appearances to finish his studies and take up some new martial arts.
Condom Archive
Alex Orioli, Robin Michaux
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