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Every since we started doing the programming schedule for BelAmi`s Summer of Love we`ve been looking forward to your reactions to this combination.  Despite one being dark and the other fair, Kris and Torsten have a lot in common, although Kris obviously has a few years on the young Torsten.  Great dicks, near perfect bodies and a hunger for sex.
As with every week during our summer special, this is a flip flop scene with Kris topping an admiring Torsten in the first part and then the young contender taking his turn to fuck Kris in part 2.  For those of you interested in seeing a bit more of Torsten when he first came to us, there is more with him in August and September editions of KinkyAngels.
Condom Free
Kris Evans, Torsten Ullman
A few of you have noticed that recently Gaelan did a little spell on, but this scene was filmed a few years back when both he and scene partner Tom Pollock were a bit younger.
Lukas Ridgeston and Todd Rosset are our cameramen on this hot summer afternoon in South Africa.
Condom Free
Gaelan Binoche, Tom Pollock
We have a double dose of dark haired beauties for you this week in Adam and Marc.  Normally our few remaining scenes with condoms go on Tuesdays.  However, this is a special double-day flip-flop scene so the only place in the schedule for it is Thursday and Saturday.
Part one has Marc enthusiastically topping Adam.  Adam shows his enjoyment by shooting high and hard while getting fucked. Part two has the boys swapping roles with Adam topping Marc.
Condom Archive
Adam Archuleta, Marc Ruffalo
You have all become used to Marcel as our reigning King of Bottoms, but we are here today to show you that he also makes quite a decent top, even if his preference is to be on the receiving end of things.  His partner for this adventure into the unknown is Roald Ekberg.
Condom Free
Marcel Gassion, Roald Ekberg
It`s that Flip Flop time of the week again.  As part of BelAmi`s Summer of Love we are happy to bring you this 2 part scene with our romantic hero, king of the cumshot, Rhys Jagger and our Hungarian with the perfect body, Vadim Farrell.
This scene was filmed for us in our Bratislava studio by Marty Stevens.  Part 1 features Rhys on the bottom and then in part 2 it is Vadim`s turn to get fucked.
Condom Free
Vadim Farrell, Rhys Jagger
Our Summer of Love continues with a b it of a blond adventure today with Yuri Alpatow being fucked by Brian Jovovich.  Normally this scene would have made it to either of our main spots on Thursday or Saturday except for the fact that we missing a proper introduction, instead the boys start right off with some kissing before moving onto the foreplay.  As it is not missing any of the sex, we hope you will enjoy it anyhow.
Condom Free
Yuri Alpatow, Brian Jovovich
There is nothing better than a big dicked bottom who loves getting fucked, unless it is 2 big dicked guys both fucking and getting fucked.
As our 2 part update this week we have Milan Sharp and KinkyAngel Jack Harrer in flipflop heaven.  Part 1 sees Mr Harrer on top and as a bottom in part 2.  We didn`t end up doing too much work with Milan, although he still remains available for filming so we may yet add more with him to our archive (even if not, this isn`t the last scene we have with him either).
As always, Jack hands in a fantastic performance as Milan has to be one of our boys who loves getting fucked the most.
Condom Free
Jack Harrer, Milan Sharpe
I could be tempted to call this scene an unreleased archive, but as it is our last proper condom free scene with Todd I think it deserves a special place (there is still a home video and a scene with condoms that you haven`t seen yet).
Here he is paired with another of our favorite boys Claude Sorel.  Claude works in our Prague office so is around most of the time to make everyone`s day just that little bit more special.
Condom Free Archive
Todd Rosset, Claude Sorel
While he is not a total top, it is not so often that we get to see Gaelan bottom for anyone, so taking the monster cock of Manuel Rios in part 2 of this flip-flop scene is quite and achievement for him.
In part 1 we see Manuel in his more customary role of bottoming, and also in his peak physical condition.  A lot of our boys spend most of their free time working on their bodies, but for Manuel I think things come a little bit easier, having a naturally muscly frame.  The scene was filmed by Lukas Ridgeston in our Budapest office
Condom Free
Manuel Rios, Gaelan Binoche
As a little relief from the scorching heat of our Summer of Love daytime scenes, we have brought in Jaime and Andre during the evening to film this encounter.
It must have been one hot session as both boys cum twice during the scene.  The boys were filmed here by Marty in our Prague studio and will be featured in the movie Evening Rituals 3 coming out later this year.
Condom Free
Andre Boleyn, Jamie Durrell
We know a lot of you have been looking forward to this pairing of boys for a while, to make it even more special the scene was filmed as a flip-flop and is one of very few chances you will get to see Julien Hussey as a top.
Part of our `Summer of Love` programming, Julien and Kevin`s scene here was filmed during one hot summer in Budapest.  Often the only chance we get to hear the boys speaking English is in cases like this where it is the only language that they have in common.  Kevin`s English is now much improved over what you will see here, but what the boys lack in understanding one another`s language they make up for in understanding each others desires.
Condom Free
Julien Hussey, Kevin Warhol
I suppose we could call this scene an unreleased archive clip as neither of the 2 boys are actively filming any more and it was filmed a couple of years ago (although you can still catch Sascha on BelAmiChat).
Sascha here in unrepentant in his desire to get fucked, and that his partner has a very big dick makes him even happier.  Paul has never been too enthusiastic for being on the receiving side of things may start out a little reserved in this clip, but he really hits his stride when it comes time to take control of Sascha`s ass.
Condom Free Archive
Sascha Chaykin, Paul Mekas
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