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There is a special little story about this scene that we will share with you today.  You have already seen Gino and Jack together is a similar situation back in December 2013.  This scene was actually filmed before that one in the days when we were still filming mainly in condoms.  We liked the results so much that we refilmed it again without condoms and presented you with the condomless version. 
Today we have the pleasure of presenting the original version for you.
Condom Archive
Gino Mosca, Jack Harrer
Today we have 2 dark haired beauties for you,  Rocco Alfieri and Johnny Bloom are together here for a little worker/boss roleplay.I wish we all could have an employee as talented as Rocco
Condom Free
Johnny Bloom, Rocco Alfieri
Some models are destined to be stars, and some, like our 2 guys today are destined to be constant crowd pleasers, always putting in solid performances, without seeking the spotlight of stardom.
Here we sent Tom down from our Prague office, where he normally works as our archivist, to pay a visit to our Budapest studio for this hook-up with Jason Clark.  Both models are truly versatile and today we have Tom demonstrating his bottoming skills for Jason.
Condom Free
Jason Clark, Tom Pollock
We are all so used to seeing Dario in `power bottom` mode that we can sometimes forget how good he is as a top, so today we decided to pair him up with another equally talented bottom, Claude Sorel, to allow Dario to remind us how well he can perform.
The scene we chose hopefully will also get you in the mood for spring and summer, swimming pools and outdoor games (of every sort you can imagine).
Condom Free
Dario Dolce, Claude Sorel
This week we have another 2 part update for you.  Rhys and Andrei join forces for this highlighted flip-flop scene.
In part 1 we have Andrei fucking Rhys and following that the boys change positions and we have Rhys as the top.  Both guys have outstanding bodies and an uninhibited sexuality that they don`t mind sharing with all of us.
Look out for Rhys` signature cumshot in part 2, pulling out and spraying his jizz all over Andrei`s hole.
Condom Free
Andrei Karenin, Rhys Jagger
The job of trainer is one of the most sought after roles amongst the guys at BelAmiOnline, and today we have the scene from the first time that Billy Montague managed to score the lucrative position.He doesn`t have a total newbie to work with though as Gregg had done some other work with a different studio before he came to us (luckily he says we are much better to work for!), so Billy`s job was made a little bit easier.
Judging by Billy`s enthusiasm for his new job here I am sure that he wants to continue as a trainer.
We realize that this is also not the first scene that we have released with Gregg and we have released them a bit out of order, but this one is actually his first scene with us.
Condom Free
Billy Montague, Gregg Meyjes
Zac thinks that he has been left alone for the morning in their house in Cape Town, but luckily for him it is not quite the case.No sooner than he starts on a little exercise of self-pleasure than he finds out that he has company.  Gary Danton has also decided to stay in for the day, and it is lucky for us that he did.
Gary is a sensual and tireless lover and together with Zac makes a surprisingly good combination.
Condom Free
Zac DeHaan, Gary Danton
Now we have all seen this enticing coupling together before when Kevin was topping Vadim, and today we have the same boys, but in the reverse positions, Vadim topping Kevin.
I am not quite sure if it is the `Elle Decor` magazine or just Vadim`s presence here that is making Kevin as horny as hell, but whatever it is certainly has turned Kevin on.  Also don`t let Vadim`s continued reading of the magazine fool anyone as I am sure that it is just a decoy to string Kevin along.... Vadim has no real interest in décor!
Condom Free
Vadim Farrell, Kevin Warhol
We must say that Marcel is very busy trying to cement his position as best bottom at BelAmiOnline  and has taken it on himself to have a go with all of our `biggest` guys.  Today`s challenge is Paul Mekas, and needless to say, Marcel handles it not only with ease but also with a great amount of pleasure.
Condom Free
Paul Mekas, Marcel Gassion
Back when Yannick was still young and inexperienced we decided to pair him up with one of our models who is more `well versed` in the ways of love.  The lucky guy just happens to be Tim Campbell so we will get to see what Tim has to teach young Yannick... right after he has a shower that is.
Condom Free
Tim Campbell, Yannick Modine
We have 2 of your favorites back today for this little outdoor encounter in Budapest.
Colin Hewitt and Robin Michaux are here in this scene (from back in the day when Robin still had his crew cut) where Colin has discovered a nice little private place in the garden where he can get about the task of seducing Robin.
Condom Free
Colin Hewitt, Robin Michaux
On the forum there has been quite an active discussion going on about Rick and it seems you all missed him a little more than we thought you would, so today we decided to give another of his scenes an airing, this time with Gaelan Binoche.
When Rick first started with us he did have a little bit of a skin problem, but as you will see by now he is as smooth skinned as all the rest of the boys, maybe it was the result of the skin treatments he has been getting like the one Gaelan gives him at the end of this clip.
Condom Free
Gaelan Binoche, Rick Lautner
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