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For a bit of a change this week we have a 2 day Jambo Africa update for you with Justin Saradon and Orri Aasen. From the opening of the scene, you can tell that the boys had a lot of fun playing with their new drone, and it also gives us a great chance to highlight the spectacular Sout African location that we were shooting in.  The scene begins with the boys taking snaps on the beach (a poignant tie-in to our remastered LIL special) but soon moves back to the villa where the action all takes place.  Part 1 has Justin showing Orri how good it can feel with his dick inside, and in part 2, Orri returns the favor.  We`ll leave it up to you to decide who does it better.
Jambo Africa
Orri Aasen, Justin Saradon
To keep the starving horde of Jack fans from beating me up on the forum for a lack of Jack, today we have his scene with Henrik Bjorn.  
As you have seen in our documentaries, the boys are all kept well groomed and presentable while on these big production trips, but Jack is, and always has been, a bit of a rebel (that is my nice way of saying a bit pig-headed at times) and has decided to try George`s patience a little by filming unshaven and with his ear thing in...  Given how much you all seem to adore him, we didn`t think that it will really matter, so here is the scene and you can judge for yourselves....If he get`s less than 4.5 here though, we will take a skin graft from his foreskin to fill up the hole in his ear though. (just kidding)
Jambo Africa
Jack Harrer, Henrik Bjorn
Now this is what we really call a massage with a happy ending.  After starting with us we asked Christopher Caan if he wouldn`t try working out a bit to see if he could tone up his lean build a bit.  The resulting workouts apparently created a lot of muscle tension that Jerome is more than happy to help out with....
Condom Free
Jerome Exupery, Christopher Caan
There are many ways to warm up on a cold day.  These obviously don`t include the sauna and jacuzzi when the power for them is turned off... It doesn`t seem to matter much to Peter and Enrique though as they have a much more intimate way of creating heat. Maybe it is just because his partner is so sexy, but it definitely seems like Peter`s peter is even more massive today than it usually is, so we certainly can`t blame Enrique opting to be the top in this scene. Both guys here show us how much they love fucking and the energy levels and chemistry between the guys are both running on overdrive.
Condom Free
Peter Annaud, Enrique Vera
Helmut may wish to claim that on his day off he does not even want to have sex, but it is obvious that Marty Stevens knows better, especially since he was sent there to film a training session between Helmut and newcomer Niall Morris.
Upon getting a look at his new trainee, it does not take Helmut long to forgo his day off and agree to show Niall a thing or 2.  For his part, it seems that Niall has already been quite well prepared by Kevin for this encounter and he has no problem at all taking all of Helmut`s quite substantial length.
Condom Free
Helmut Huxley, Niall Morris
Like all of the boys in Lukas in Love, both of these boys were definitely `stars` of BelAmi at that time with huge fans bases of their own.  As good as our boys are now at filming scenes, this scene illustrates that there is only one George Duroy.  The attention to detail, perfectly planned shots and camera angles on display here are the backbone of the success of BelAmi as much as the physical perfection of the models.
Lukas in Love
Yves Carradine, Ethan Clarke
We have an all blond due in today`s `no time wasted` scene.  The reason for the name of the scene becomes evident right from the beginning, and I don`t think that anyone will blame either of the boys for wanting to go at it as soon as possible. This scene is the first time that the boys have filmed together and Torsten is the top on here.  The scene was filmed for us by Luke Hamill in our Prague studio.
Condom Free
Torsten Ullman, Jason Bacall
Ariel Vanean is back again today, this time without the beard in this scene with Jordan Faris.  Even though both boys give great performances here today, and Jordan`s mastery of oral skills is of particular note,
Ariel will be back again with us as model of the week later in the month as we continue our Art Collection series by Joan Crisol.
Condom Free
Ariel Vanean, Jordan Faris
Today we have our 2nd (and final) scene with Wes Latham. With only 2 scenes under his belt, Wes definitely qualifies for our `guest star` category.  His partner, on the other hand, is well known to everyone. This is Dylan`s first scene this year and it also marks the 5th anniversary of his first appearance on BelAmi (September 2013).
Dylan is a model that always gives a great performance, and although he may be a little `adventurous` in real life, he is always a model that is reliable and easy to work with.  You will be seeing more of Dylan this year, and also in the next season of Jambo Africa.
Flirting With Porn
Dylan Maguire, Wes Latham
It is time again for our monthly 25th Anniversary archive special.  These are scenes that we have kept aside so that we have some representation from our `older` generation of models in our anniversary year.  This month`s update is a 2 day flip flop scene with Ennio Guardi and Scott Reeves.  As this was filmed towards the end of their time with us, both boys definitely fall into the `jock` category here.  Day 1 has Ennio fucking Scott and on day 2 they reverse roles.
Condom Free Archive
Ennio Guardi, Scott Reeves
There`s been quite a lot of interest in Jeff Mirren and his chat shows on the forum lately, so we are happy that we can bring him to you here today in this scene with Arne Cohen.  We have called this clip `Body Language` as that is the only common language that the 2 boys have, but at least both of them are more than fluent in it....
Condom Free
Arne Coen, Jeff Mirren
It`s been a while so today we have for you another `Lovers in the night` scene. Danny Defoe is back today together with Felix Gaul for this scene filmed by Marty Stevens.  
As you probably could have guessed, Danny is the top for this encounter and both boys show off their skills as gentle and romantic lovers for us today.
Condom Free
Danny Defoe, Felix Gaul
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