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Fucking Kris Series - Part 1: Kris Evans with Adam Archuleta & Jean-Daniel
Breathlessly Awaited… Rising Star... JOEL BIRKIN. XL debut Photosession video Live Now!
2 Bottoms for 1 top… Jim tries out Phillipe & Colin
Ronny Lamarr fucks Tony Conrad
Todays clip is actually the first time that we worked with Alec Rothko, although  given Darios attention to him even before his clothes came off that he knew what Alec was hiding in his pants.
As you would expect from any scene with Dario the energy here is pumped up to maximum as both Marco and Dario try their best to satisfy an insatiable Dario.
 Condom Free Archive: Dario Dolce, Alec Rothko, Marco Bill
Andrei is in bed today with one of the boys that we work with sometimes who comes from other studios, Gary Danton.  These two guys show a very real sexual hunger for each other that is evident from the moment they appear on camera together.The scene was filmed for us by Marty Stevens in our Bratislava studio.
 Condom Free: Andrei Karenin, Gary Danton
It is a lucky top who gets the change to fuck both Colin and Phillipe at one time, and today is Jim`s lucky day.This scene was filmed at the time when Austin Merrick and Mick Lovell and Alex Waters were over from the US filming with us. As often happens, Phiilipe and Colin are comparing their experiences so far with each of the guys and explaining which of the Americans are their favorites.  Just as all their memories of the guys they have made love to is starting to make them horny in comes Jim to remind them that sometimes the sexiest of guys are much closer to home.
 Condom Free: Colin Hewitt, Phillipe Gaudin, Jim Keroua
We have an all Hungarian affair today; filmed in our Budapest studio with Florian Nemec and Harris Hilton the stars in front of the camera.
Harris is reminiscing about how Florian `taught him everything` but now just returned from some travels he thinks he has a thing or 2 that he can show Florian in return.
 Condom Free Archive: Florian Nemec, Harris Hilton
Time flies and we are coming towards the end of our exclusive contract time with Ronny, so GD is very interested in hearing from you if you think we should extend his exclusive time with us.  We know he is not typically BelAmi, but his sexual energy is great and he is willing to try almost anything.Today he is with Tony Conrad, another guy that had done scenes with other studios before he came to us.
 Condom Free: Ronny Lamarr, Tony Conrad
As this clip opens you would be forgiven in thinking that we made a mistake and gave you a solo video instead of a sex scene... Not that a solo with Brian would be anything bad, but after a little while there is a surprise for Brian (and for us) and that surprise is Jack, who has snuck in the room while Brian was busy jerking his dick.
Both guys are very physically matched with toned bodies sandy hair and nice big dicks, Jack with shaved balls and Brian au naturel.  With these 2 versatile performers it could be anyones guess who gets to be the bottom, but for today it is Brian who is the lucky recipient of Jack`s dick.
 Condom Free: Jack Harrer, Brian Jovovich
Kris Evans makes his bareback bottoming debut!
Dolph Lambert is our dirty blond this week in this 2 part update with Colin Hewitt.
During this trip to South Africa Dolph and Colin actually became firm friends, as well as filming together they had the addition task of taking care of the film archive for the trip.
Dolph is on top for this part, and part 2 follows on Saturday
 Condom Free: Dolph Lambert, Colin Hewitt
In 2011 we first introduced you to John Wahlberg in a photosession that was universally admired.  Unfortunately for us John left to study in the US shortly after the photoshoot and we never had the chance to filming anything further with him.Whil going through our archive GD found that we had never shown you his casting video, which was filmed 2 years later after his return from his student exchange program.
 Singles: John Wahlberg
Time for you to meet Brian Jovovich a little more intimately.  Turns out Brian is a bit of a philosopher when it comes to life.If you aren`t charmed by him at the end of the interview, you will be by the solo performance that he treats us to at the end.
 Interview: Brian Jovovich
 Condom Free: 24 Boys Orgy
Uncovered beauty... Ashton Mitchell's first Photosession
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