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AND THE WINNER IS… Scott judges Jamie and Jeff’s sexual performance
Steve Russell, Brian Jovovich
TAKING IT ALL: Ramon Macchio bottoms for Jack Harrer
Today we have 3 boys, but we don`t have a 3way. Jamie and Jeff have been arguing about who is better in sex.  Jaime`s blowjobs or Jeff`s butt.  Not being able to come to an agreement themselves that decide that need the services of a very experienced Scott Bennet to make the final judgment.
 Condom Free: Scott Bennet, Jamie Durrell, Jeff Mirren
On Valentine`s day we had Rhys and Hoyt together for a special show on Needless  to say that the pairing was so popular that the boys overran their scheduled 4 hours and ended up staying online for 8.
For todays scene we have Rhys back again, not with Hoyt, but paired up with our favorite office boy, Tom Pollock.  The pair start off in the swimming pool but very quickly end up in the bedroom.
 Condom Free: Tom Pollock, Rhys Jagger
You may initially think that we`ve made a mistake when we listed the models in this scene, but if you keep watching past the introduction you will see that this scene is really with Adam and Chris Hoyt.
It starts off however with Adam and Billy explaining a bit about their relationship and history together, and inevitably leads on to some of their sexual conquests.... which is where Chris comes into the picture.  Anyhow, probably the best explanation is for you to watch the clip and see how it goes.
 Condom Free: Adam Archuleta, Chris Hoyt
It`s not well know but Brian works for us as a production manager in our Bratislava office, taking over more responsibilities from Phillipe while he is overseas studying English.  One perk of the job is that it gives him plenty of excuses to browse the catalog of boys and dream about which ones he wants next.  It also gives him the advantage of being to influence the same decision making process.
According to Brian`s matching algorithm he decides that he will be a good match with Steve Russell and we were not ones to disagree on this choice, only insisting that it should be a flip flop scene with each of the guys taking turns to fuck each other.
What do you think?  Did Brian make the right choice?
 Condom Free: Steve Russell, Brian Jovovich
To wrap up on our Valentine`s day programming we have a special combination photosession for you this week,  Kevin Warhol and Jacob Salinger are here to warm up your winter days and nights.  This set is a little unusual in that we combined a classic  photo set with some action pics from their scene together.
 Photosession Videos: Kevin Warhol, Jacob Salinger
Today`s scene is a pairing that resulted from our Triple Treat casting a while back.  As soon as we had your votes in for Ramon Macchio, and seeing that he was already quite experienced working for other studios, we decided to pair him up with Jack Harrer.
As this was Ramon`s first scene with us Jack decided that he would be on his best behavior and try to make him feel right at home.  Seeing that Ramon told us in advance that he likes getting fucked with big dicks Jack does his best to impress him with his fucking  prowess.
 Condom Free: Jack Harrer, Ramon Macchio
Fucking Kris Series
Kris Evans makes his bareback bottoming debut!
Last week when we premiered Marcel`s model page he quickly rose to the top of the list before settling back down into the ranks of well liked models.Today (or should I say tonight) we have him paired up with Kris Evans in the first of our February Valentine night scenes.Filming at night gives us a chance to play with lighting that we are not afforded during day time shoots, and the results can be softer and more romantic.  Judge for yourself here with one of our best tops, and one of our most talented bottoms.
 Condom Free: Kris Evans, Marcel Gassion
Today we have something a bit new for you.  Our `On The Set` videos are a combination of a sex scene and a documentary.  For a while we have had an extra cameraman hanging around to film what goes on when we make a scene, and this is one of the results.
A delightful look at the banter and interaction between the guys, capturing all those moments that don`t normally make it to the final edit..I wonder how they got those grapes out though.....
 On the Set: Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn
The day of the big scene arrives, and I think that everyone was a little nervous, especially cameraman and director Luke Hamill.3 of BelAmi`s biggest stars altogether in one scene, and with only one chance to get it right.Thankfully after his unplanned encounter with Jack, Lukas is full of re-found confidence and takes the lead in this 3way scene.  Jack, as always, is more than happy to bottom for both of the bigger guys and brings out the best in both Lukas and Kris.
 Forever Lukas: Lukas Ridgeston, Kris Evans, Jack Harrer
Today`s scene was a test scene that we gave to local director Vlado Iresch to see what he could film when given our boys and locations to work with.
George selected for him Dylan and Jim, which turns out to be quite a good combination, and they are filming together in our Budapest studio.
We thought the results were well worth showing to you all, so now you can tell us what you think.
 Condom Free: Jim Kerouac, Dylan Maguire
Dream boys: photosession with Kevin & Jacob
Hung and Handsome: Miguel Estevez
OUR NEW STAR… Meet Jerome Exupery
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