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Blonds Coming in April
Condom Free: Dolph Lambert, Colin Hewitt
Condom Free: Jim Kerouac, Claude Sorel
Condom Free: Tim Campbell, Brian Jovovich
Dolph Lambert is our dirty blond this week in this 2 part update with Colin Hewitt.
During this trip to South Africa Dolph and Colin actually became firm friends, as well as filming together they had the addition task of taking care of the film archive for the trip.
Dolph is on top for this part, and part 2 follows on Saturday
 Condom Free: Dolph Lambert, Colin Hewitt
Today`s scene is with Marcel, still fairly new to BelAmi, but he already has the reputation of a boy who likes to bottom and can take whatever is on offer.
Gaelan is more than eager to see if he has what it takes to please him.
 Condom Free: Gaelan Binoche, Marcel Gassion
Crowd favorites Jim Kerouac and Claude Sorel join forces in this sizzling update on
Jim may not be rivalling Liberace anytime soon with his skills at the piano, but his skills as a lover are unrivalled.
He is also a little confused as to why Claude would be reading a book about sex when he could be learning through practical experience, with him..... for example...
 Condom Free: Jim Kerouac, Claude Sorel
We have a bit more than a description here for you today.  After some feedback in our forum we decided to try out some new video formats on you, so today we are offering a KinkyAngels sized download option as well as the regular sizes.We`ll keep an eye on what seems to be the most popular choice, but at the moment it is just a one off to see how things go.
Brian Jovovich is out bottom of the day, paired up with the cheeky and irrepressible Tim Campbell.
Tim is an excellent top and Brian responds the the attention, shooting a huge load while he is still being fucked.
 Condom Free: Tim Campbell, Brian Jovovich
Jaco normally prefers to bottom, but when we paired him up with Gino we though we would spice things up a bit and have him top.
It`s a classic Blond vs Brunette encounter here.... (and I`m not just talking about the sofa) Both guys have known each other for ages and get along quite well, so putting them together in a scene  was only a matter of time.
 Condom Free: Gino Mosca, Jaco Van Sant
We`re in the bedroom for this 2 part scenes, but when questioned by Marty we find out that Phillipe likes sex in public and Jack would prefer to do it in his car.
The familiarity and affection these guys shares is evident from the moment the camera joins them.
Phillipe gently explains to Jack that if he gets bored during sex with him, that he will be making a bracelet out of his foreskin, although knowing Jack, there is little chance of that happening.
 Condom Free: Phillipe Gaudin, Jack Harrer
Big Cock March
We all know that Jack and Roger can be talented bottoms, so we teamed them up for a 2 part episode this week with Jim Kerouac.  The first part features Jack fucking Roger while being fucked by Jim
 Condom Free: Jim Kerouac, Roger Lambert, Jack Harrer
Today the grand finale of CockyBoys Exclusive Max & The Kinky Angels. In this episode, the boys make Max`s anal fantasies come true. Lets see how our newcomer will do with all those big uncut cocks. Max finally gets what he wants most, to be fucked by Jack Harrer!
 Primetime: Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Jack Harrer
Milan Sharpe takes on Marco Bil and Scott Reeves in the first part of this double episode.Milan is quite a talented bottom so we chose to pair him up with2 of our more energetic tops.Since they both fuck him in turns in the first part we just have to wonder how part 2 is going to turn out.
 Condom Free: Marco Bill, Scott Reeves, Milan Sharpe
Presented over 6 days, the culmination of Orgy Month is our brand new 24 boy orgy.  Kevin and Jack have something very special planned for us, take a sneak peek here...
 Condom Free: Orgy 24 boys
Intimate Encounters
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