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Group fun unleashed! Scott, Tom & Claude Threeway...
Billy Cotton goes deep with Roger Lambert
Julien the lucky bottom gets fucked by Juilo and Jim!
BelAmi Night Scene: Scott does Vadim Condom Free...
Our August preview featured a photo-session of Rhys and Hoyt Kogan.  This last-minute substitution to Rhys with Kris was made as a `warm up` to Kris’ bottoming for Rhys next month.
Because these two make quite the couple, there are other photo-sets featuring this pair.  However, this set is the first and it was photographed in late 2012 in Hungary by Eliot Klein. We hope this whets your appetite till you get to see both guys in action at the end of September!
 Photosession Videos: Kris Evans, Rhys Jagger
Alex Orioli takes on the role of trainer for Robin Michaux.  This scene was filmed in 2011, two years after we first met Robin.  He used the time between appearances to finish his studies and take up some new martial arts.
 Condom Archive: Alex Orioli, Robin Michaux
The beginning of this clip is quite revealing in a subtle kind of way.  Tom works in our Prague office taking care of pre-castings and also the archive.  His biggest passion however is amateur bodybuiding and the kitchen always seems to be full of protein and dietary supplements, so, it is no surprise to see him here posing in front of the mirror admiring the fruits of his hard work.
 In combination with Scott, they make quite a smooth operating team when it comes to picking up guys and it is not long before they have found a third guy, Claude to join in their escapades.
 Condom Free: Tom Pollock, Claude Sorel, Scott Bennet
As you can tell from this clip, whenever we travel, we accommodate our boys in comfortable, relaxing surroundings.  Billy and Roger are only too happy to take advantage of this as they head down to the pool to catch a bit of sun, although when they get there they find out that the sun isn`t shining and the weather is not so great.  Not ones to waste the time alone, they soon find other things to do.
This clip was filmed a few years ago and recently I ran into Billy again.  Since finishing filming it seems that he has been indulging one of his other passions... getting more tattoos and now has quite an extensive collection, way to many sadly for any chance of a BelAmi comeback.
 Condom Archive: Billy Cotton, Roger Lambert
Julien Julio and Jim... These three models have more in common than the fact that their names begin with a J.
All three are also beautiful, young and hung!
In this 2 part scene it`s Julien who ends up on the receiving end of Jim and Julio who take Julien on separately.  And boy do they, with many different positions and lots of serious sucking, Julien should be worn out after Julio alone in Part 1. For unknown reasons todays scene is with a condom‏. Don`t` ask why as this is a mystery to all of us but tomorrow Julien loses the condom for Jim!
In real life Julio is a very close friend of Jim.  Sometimes putting friends together in a scene helps the newcomer relax, and other time, like this, it actually makes things a bit awkward.  Because Julio was new and hadn`t completed his STD tests, the first part was shot with condoms.  The second part with 2 more experienced models only is a lot more free flowing and without condoms.
 Condom Free: Julien Hussey, Jim Kerouac
'It`s Vadim Farrell`s lucky night! It starts off with tender caressing and deep, wet kisses. It ends with Vadim pounded by hunky Scott Reeves (missionary and doggie). All the while keeping hard…  Lucky, lucky Vadim'
 Condom Free: Vadim Farrell, Scott Reeves
Simply Perfect photosession with Kris Evans and Rhys
Welcome to the opening of our Summer of MIck Lovell.  Today we have Mick teamed up with Hungarian sex bomb, Vadim Farrell in a scene that was filmed just during Micks last visit to Europe. Micky never ceases to amaze us how, whenever you put him in front of a camera, anything and everything suddenly becomes possible and there is nothing he cannot and will not do.Wath out next Tuesday for our premiere of BelAmiLive shows for members.  Mick will be giving a live performance free for you all here on BelAmiONline
 Condom Free: Vadim Farrell, Mick Lovell
Dolph Lambert is our dirty blond this week in this 2 part update with Colin Hewitt.
During this trip to South Africa Dolph and Colin actually became firm friends, as well as filming together they had the addition task of taking care of the film archive for the trip.
Dolph is on top for this part, and part 2 follows on Saturday
 Condom Free: Dolph Lambert, Colin Hewitt
Today`s scene is with Marcel, still fairly new to BelAmi, but he already has the reputation of a boy who likes to bottom and can take whatever is on offer.
Gaelan is more than eager to see if he has what it takes to please him.
 Condom Free: Gaelan Binoche, Marcel Gassion
 Condom Free: 24 Boys Orgy
Marcel Gassion tries psychotheraphy with Jack Harrer
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