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Fucking Kris Series - Part 1: Kris Evans with Adam Archuleta & Jean-Daniel
BelAmi Night Scene Evening Adventure with Billy & Rocco
Colin does Erik Condom Free…
Two Boys, Four Cumshots... Marc with Jack
It`s time again for another evening encounter here at BelAmi as we join Billy Cotton and Rocco Alfieri for their after dark adventure.
All of our night scene series are filmed by Marty Stevens in one of our studios, this time we are in our Budapest studio joining the boys for the ultimate Blond vs. Brunette evening encounter.
 Condom Free: Billy Cotton, Rocco Alfieri
After reading your reactions to Monday`s photos we though we would address some of your comments here starting with his haircut (no he`s not a skinhead).  When Joel first came to us he kept his hair like this because of his devotion to his sport.  You can check out his model pic if you want to see what he looks like in more recent time.  George had to go through many photo sets during the time that he was convincing him to work for us, so you will get a variety of looks going forward.Joel`s personality is naturally more serious and a little more melancholic that a lot of our guys, which means you won`t see him smiling so much and George feels that this doesn`t detract from his sexiness at all, but rather gives it it`s own uniqueness amongst our boys.
As you see more of Joel we are sure that those of you who are not yet convinced will come around to enjoy him (and his dick) just as much as we do.
 Photosession Videos: Joel Birkin
It`s an all Hungarian update today with Jim Kerouac and Julien Hussey filmed in our Budapest studio by Lukas Ridgeston and Eliot Klein towards the end of our time shooting with condoms on a regular basis.
Sweet toothed Julien is enjoying some chocolate liqueur and reminiscing about the last time he was fucked by Jim... apparently such a good experience that he is very eager to repeat the encounter here in front of the camera for us.
 Condom Archive: Julien Hussey, Jim Kerouac
Today marks the beginning of our `Fucking Kris` series.  We were originally planning to show you Kris and Rhys as the opening scene, but then decided it would be better to open with a 3way with some more established stars.
As all 3 guys have fantastic, toned bodies, Marty Stevens decided to showcase their physiques as an introduction to this clip, flexing and showing off at the same location in Budapest where we filmed the Anniversary Orgy.
In Part 1 we see in his more usual role as a top, fucking both Adam and Jean-Daniel.
Part 2 however is where things take a different turn when we have not just 1, but both Adam and Jean-Daniel taking turns fucking Kris.  As always with these guys, look forward to some awesome cum-shots.
The next installment comes on October 23 when KinkyAngels superstar Kevin Warhol gets his turn at Fucking Kris.
 Condom Free: Kris Evans, Jean-Daniel , Adam Archuleta
We start today at the Budapest train station where local boy Eric is waiting for Colin to arrive by train from Bratislava.
As we have one Hungarian and one Czech in today`s clip, the main language for communication here is English.
If every welcome to Budapest was the same as the one Colin receives, I am sure that there would be many more visitors coming to the city by train.  After enjoying an ice cream together, Eric quickly suggests that they head back to his place to enjoy something a bit better than an ice-cream.
Although most of both boys careers at BelAmi were during the time we were filming with condoms, this later scene was filmed without.
 Condom Free: Erik Bouna, Colin Hewitt
Hot on the heels of Marc Ruffalo getting his own entry in out model encyclopedia we have his first pairing together with Jack Harrer.Jack has opted for the role of bottom with Marc, although right from the beginning you can tell he is pretty enamored with Marc`s ass as well. 
The scene was originally planned as a 2 day scene, but as sometimes things happen that thwart the best of plans.  Johan filmed Marc fucking Jack the first day, and when it came to day 2, when Jack would get his chance to return the favor things went awry, so we are left with just one side of the flip flop, but luckily with 2 sets of cum shots from each of the guys.
 Condom Free: Jack Harrer, Marc Ruffalo
Breathlessly Awaited… Rising Star... JOEL BIRKIN. XL debut Photosession video Live Now!
Kris Evans makes his bareback bottoming debut!
Welcome to the opening of our Summer of MIck Lovell.  Today we have Mick teamed up with Hungarian sex bomb, Vadim Farrell in a scene that was filmed just during Micks last visit to Europe. Micky never ceases to amaze us how, whenever you put him in front of a camera, anything and everything suddenly becomes possible and there is nothing he cannot and will not do.Wath out next Tuesday for our premiere of BelAmiLive shows for members.  Mick will be giving a live performance free for you all here on BelAmiONline
 Condom Free: Vadim Farrell, Mick Lovell
Today we have something a bit new for you.  Our `On The Set` videos are a combination of a sex scene and a documentary.  For a while we have had an extra cameraman hanging around to film what goes on when we make a scene, and this is one of the results.
A delightful look at the banter and interaction between the guys, capturing all those moments that don`t normally make it to the final edit..I wonder how they got those grapes out though.....
 On the Set: Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn
Time for you to meet Brian Jovovich a little more intimately.  Turns out Brian is a bit of a philosopher when it comes to life.If you aren`t charmed by him at the end of the interview, you will be by the solo performance that he treats us to at the end.
 Interview: Brian Jovovich
Dolph Lambert is our dirty blond this week in this 2 part update with Colin Hewitt.
During this trip to South Africa Dolph and Colin actually became firm friends, as well as filming together they had the addition task of taking care of the film archive for the trip.
Dolph is on top for this part, and part 2 follows on Saturday
 Condom Free: Dolph Lambert, Colin Hewitt
Uncovered beauty... Ashton Mitchell's first Photosession
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