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Breathlessly Awaited… Rising Star... JOEL BIRKIN. XL debut Photosession video Live Now!
BelAmi Night Scene Evening encounter with Jean-Daniel & Jason Clark
Summer Romance… Marc Ruffalo seduces Gregg Mayjes
Everyones favorite bespectacled Hungarian is back today in this night scene with Jean-Daniel, filmed by Marty Stevens in our Budapest studio.
Night scenes present their own specific set of challenges for a director in how to light the scene that we can see everything, but at the same time maintain the gentle and romantic feel of filming at night.  With his 20 years of experience, Marty always manages to get the balance just right.
 Condom Free: Jean-Daniel , Jason Clark
For our Tuesday update this week we have another scene from our Guest Stars collection featuring rising BelAmi star Marc Ruffalo together with Gregg Meyjes.
Filmed in South Africa, we see the boys fresh out of bed and getting ready for the day ahead.... and what a better way to start the day than with some tender and energetic love making.
 Condom Free: Marc Ruffalo, Gregg Meyjes
Time for the highlight of the month for October and our 3rd installment in the Fucking Kris series.
Today we have our most popular `big boy`, Kris Evans with everyone`s favorite `little guy`, Kevin Warhol.  Although the guys have been together in the past past, this is Kevin`s first time topping Kris.  Even though the guys are speaking English here we decided to give you some subtitles to help you out a bit.
Both guys are back in 2 days time, this time together with Dylan Maguire and Marcel Gassion in a 4way episode 4 in the Fucking Kris series
 Condom Free: Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol
This is our second photo session with Cameron, the first was premiered last year here on BelAmiOnline.  At that time some of you were unhappy about his lack of pubes, so in.between shoots we had him grow them back a bit for you.
Still a little shy and reserved (although less that the last time) and still with his magnificent fat dick, we have one more piece of content for with Cameron in the future.
A little note about this video from Eliot... Cameron was having a hard time coming that day, so we left him alone in the room to make it a little bit easier.  By the time he called us back in though to catch his cumshot we were too late.  It may take him a while to work up to the cumshot, but when he is ready, he is really quick!
 Photosession Videos: Cameron Buirski
This clip marks the first time we worked with Alec Rothco.  Though the lavish attention Dario paid to him makes us suspect that he knew was Alec was hiding in his pants.  As with any scene with Dario, the energy here is pumped to maximum as both Alec and Marco try their best to satisfy his insatiable sexual appetite.
 Condom Free Archive: Dario Dolce, Alec Rothko, Marco Bill
Andrei is in bed today with one of the boys that we work with sometimes who comes from other studios, Gary Danton.  These two guys show a very real sexual hunger for each other that is evident from the moment they appear on camera together.The scene was filmed for us by Marty Stevens in our Bratislava studio.
 Condom Free: Andrei Karenin, Gary Danton
Kris Evans makes his bareback bottoming debut!
Today we have something a bit new for you.  Our `On The Set` videos are a combination of a sex scene and a documentary.  For a while we have had an extra cameraman hanging around to film what goes on when we make a scene, and this is one of the results.
A delightful look at the banter and interaction between the guys, capturing all those moments that don`t normally make it to the final edit..I wonder how they got those grapes out though.....
 On the Set: Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn
We`re coming towards the end of our Dirty Blonds month, and we have save the blondest (and the dirtiest?) of them all for last.
Phillipe Gaudin is on the receiving end of some please giving by Harris Hilton in today`s scene.After a little swimming in the rain, the boys decide to put the overcast day to better use and head indoors for a little hanky panky which ends up with Phillipe sitting on Harris` hard cock.
....continues in part 2
 Condom Free: Phillipe Gaudin, Harris Hilton
Dolph Lambert is our dirty blond this week in this 2 part update with Colin Hewitt.
During this trip to South Africa Dolph and Colin actually became firm friends, as well as filming together they had the addition task of taking care of the film archive for the trip.
Dolph is on top for this part, and part 2 follows on Saturday
 Condom Free: Dolph Lambert, Colin Hewitt
In 2011 we first introduced you to John Wahlberg in a photosession that was universally admired.  Unfortunately for us John left to study in the US shortly after the photoshoot and we never had the chance to filming anything further with him.Whil going through our archive GD found that we had never shown you his casting video, which was filmed 2 years later after his return from his student exchange program.
 Singles: John Wahlberg
Sex Appeal vs. Beauty… Cameron Buirski has it all.
Uncovered beauty... Ashton Mitchell's first Photosession
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